14 May 2014

Foodie Penpal Package: A touch of Switzerland in May

Yodelling, cuckoo clocks, chocolate and cheese. All Swiss stereotypes, most rather delicious (I'm not so convinced on the cuckoo or for that matter the yodellers though...).
This month my parcel languished at the post office due to a bevy of reasons, and I'm disappointed it has. The lengthy stay did however sharpen my wanderlust-in-a-box fascination, and my lovely penpal Marina organised such a fantastic bunch of goodies for me.

I'm dreaming of a fondue party - I seem to have all of the ingredients...

What could be more Swiss?
Thank you Marina, it is a fantastic slice of Swiss life in a wee foodie package!


  1. Megan McCosker14 May 2014 at 08:51

    Oh yum, takes me right back to eating Rosti's and fondue in Zermatt! Gluten free is kind of easy there, there's no gluten in cheese!!! xx

  2. Oh yummy. And what a good idea. Sadly, I've proven myself consistently unreliable when it comes to post and post offices but it does sound like fun. Maybe I should get over myself and give it a try?

  3. Oh I know - it's the perfect combo of playing with your food, and lovely textures!


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