27 May 2014

Jet Boating, an unusual way to see London.

Think you're seen every possible angle of London? I suspect my birthday treat (after a beautifully serene morning of cruising on a canal boat along the Grand Union Canal) might be one that needs to be added to your list...
The trip begins by signing a disclaimer, donning a life jacket securely and a serene journey past the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Bridge and the industrial buildings of the St Katharine docks.

After a touch of history on Greenwich, a few tunes and laughter of the driver once past the speed restriction areas (and incidentally the river police) you find yourself being hurled along the Thames at breakneck speed. It is euphoric.

The driver does a few twists and turns to keep himself entertained and us slightly terrified, before drawing level with the alien looking Thames Barrier.

After a touch of history and questions, we sadly turn the boat back towards the city centre and dry land.

But not before many London's iconic skyline sneaks into view, one after the other, a veritable feast of iconography.

Then, a drink in a nearby pub. Not part of the experience, but definitely a fitting end, a celebration of a fantastic, crazy trip. I have no idea how fast we went - all I know is that it was fast enough to get the adrenaline pumping.

We went on a cold, rather stormy autumn day, but it was worth ever wobble of my knees as we tip toed back on to the safe, wonderful Southbank. What a day!

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  1. What a fun way to see the city! The views of the London skyline are beautiful.

  2. Brrrrr! This looks like a blast, but only on a warm day!

  3. That looks amazing, if not a little terror-inducing!

  4. Kelly Michelle27 May 2014 at 20:26

    Did they play Mission Impossible theme song for you? We did one right to the Thames Barrier and it was awesome!

  5. What are those weird looking buildings? I'd love to do this, I love jet boats!

  6. I always see this boats zooming around and wonder how cold it would be!? I went on one in Sydney in winter and god damn I froze

  7. Brave, brave girl. Risking toppling into the Thames on any day let alone a gloomy wet one earns you loads of kudos. Happy B'day too!


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