15 May 2014

The Seven Sisters Walk, East Sussex #travelthursday

Boys, beer and bluster - Mr Kiwi has kindly taken the blog reins again for a wander along the almost unspoilt white cliffs lining Britains East Sussex shore...

The Seven Sisters Walk -  East Sussex

Q - What can five 'mature' men, on the loose for the weekend in Eastbourne, do to break up (what would otherwise be) two days of solid boozing? 
A - The Seven Sisters Coastal Walk...
Not to be confused with the more famous White Cliffs of Dover, these chalk cliffs are to be found along the coast in the more rural location between Seaford and Eastbourne, within the Seven Sisters Country Park (to where we caught a bus from Eastbourne Town Centre).
On entering the park, we are guided to the first 'sister', from which the eastbound walk took two hours at a leisurely pace towards the National Trust Café at Birling Gap, which marks the end at No.7.  (This was a little disappointing as the Café was, until recently, a nice pub - can't win 'em all!)
In between we climb and descend each 'sister' with varying degrees of difficulty. There is beach below, although  this was not visible from on high to one who was not brave enough to venture near the edge!
From our position, what was most noticeable, on a perfectly still and slightly overcast day, was the peace and tranquillity. Only the sound of the sea below and nothing else. Such was this calm that we couldn't help but comment on what a sight this coastline must have been for those returning home from war, and how their experiences didn't seem possible a few short miles away.
Overall, the walk is a pleasure and suitable for most reasonably fit people (more info here). For the record - No. 5 is the toughie and will get the old lungs blowing! Don't leave it too long though, as these chalky cliffs are eroding, with a number of homes and businesses being lost to the sea in recent years.
Having enjoyed our unexpected cup of tea, we made our way a mile or so up to East Dean and more familiar territory in the shape of the Tiger Inn; both village and pub are a delight - England at its best.
Have you seen the Seven Sisters or indeed their industrial sibling Dover?

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  1. Beachy Head outside Eastbourne is easily one of my favourite places in England! It's so beautiful round there! x

  2. I've always wanted to do this - good to know there's tea and/or beer waiting at the end!

  3. I walked the Seven Sisters about a year ago (and wrote about it in my blog) - it was fantastic, I really recommend it!

  4. this Seven Sisters is MUCH nicer than my Seven Sisters 0_o

  5. It is beautiful, isn't it? (Bet you can't get Jamaican Sourdough bread though...)

  6. I've wanted to do it for a long time, but we were worried about the whole no car - but it seems perfectly do-able! Just not with a group of beer-y lads methinks...

  7. As ever with the best British adventures!

  8. It's also rather notorious - it's a shame to have such sadness surrounding such a beautiful place.

  9. We were stopped by the Chaplains during our walk. To me, the most jarring reminder of it's suicide legacy (than the cliffs themselves) is Samaritan suicide prevention phone box. Sam was in a really interesting show about Beachy Head a few years ago. x


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