29 June 2014

Is there a difference between Travellers and Tourists?

Does it even really matter as long as you're happy?
Perhaps this yearning to experience somewhere simply marks the difference between a traveller trying to immerse themselves in a world different from their own, and someone simply taking a break from the hamster wheel of the day to day world, catching a few iconic sights during the trip. 
We prefer holidays where we can catch sunshine exploring the secrets at the end of winding lanes, then find a cozy local pub at the end of the road. Friends of mine adore holidays where they can sunbathe for two weeks and go out drinking and dancing in the evenings. 

Perhaps it's also a question of opportunity. Originating from a wee island in the middle of nowhere, the ability to explore a culture so different from my own is an irresistible beacon, whereas many friends who have lived in in more central locations all their lives see foreign countries as an opportunity so soak up much needed vitamin D.
Is it a dilemma? Not really. You need to live life the way that you want to.
May the road rise up to meet you
may the wind be at your back
and the sun on your face

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  1. I love this! Everyone has their own desires when it comes to taking a trip - there's no need to label it as anything except for 'doing what you want to do'

  2. I like the same sorts of trips as you and agree that is all just semantics as they say 20 miles away from your house makes you a tourist anyways!

  3. The world is a vast place, the reasons behind seeing it shouldnt matter. The experience will always change you.

  4. I really don't think there is a difference between travellers and tourists. I think we are all bloody tourists!

  5. Like you say, people travel for different reasons. I don't like the snobbiness that comes with some people who describe themselves as travellers rather than tourists. There's nothing wrong with being a tourist, or a traveller or both. I consider myself both, often at the same time.

  6. It was a comment that I'd seen discussed a long time ago, and it really sat worrying with me for a long while. You have to do what is right for you!

  7. It's just a question of pushing the envelope!

  8. We always should live our life as
    we want. I love to see different places of this world and I do. I think there
    is a no difference between tourist and traveler. People chose that word which satisfied
    them. I like to say I am a tourist and it contented me. Recently I visited
    miami ev.
    Miami beaches are very attractive I love
    to go there again and again for soaking and swimming.


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