14 June 2014

The Best London Parks & Gardens for...

...behaving like a pirate/shouting Jaws references - and the winner is Regent's Park.
...discovering fairies and elves - and the winner is Kensington Gardens.
...hang out in a world famous secret garden - and the winner is Great Maytham Hall.
...go for a chilly refreshing swim - and the winner is Hampstead Heath.
...having tea with the Queen - and the winner is Buckingham Palace Gardens.
...finding spelling mistakes, paella & giant charity eggs occasionally - and the winner is Covent Garden.
...sipping sensational botanical G&Ts - and the winner is Kew Gardens.
...play cricket against deer - and the winner is Bushy Park
...commuter paradise - and the winner is Finchley Central Tube Station
 ...float under a castle and listen to monkeys call - and the winner is Regents Park/The Grand Canal.
...making friends with peacocks - Holland Park.
...find a loo fit for a Queen - and the winner is the V&A.
...tracking down London Kiwis on a sunny day eating guilt free ice cream - and the winner is my garden!
I've yet to explore the best for chatting up birds (aka the Barnes wildlife centre), getting upside down in (Brentford memorial garden) or the best roof top garden.  
What's your favourite - London or internationally?


  1. Haha this is the best. 'Making Jaws references' My fav is Greenwich Park!

  2. I did spend an inordinate amount of time yelling them out... when in Rome...! Oh, I haven't been to Greenwich in ages!

  3. I think Kew Gardens is my favorite! But I also love Chiswick Gardens - there are beautiful running trails there!

  4. Looks fab!! All of them. Oh who would have thought there would be so much countryside in London!

  5. What a great list. Why not check out Southbank for the rooftop garden?


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