21 June 2014

Who or what is a London Kiwi, and what's this about adventures?

With a bevy of new visitors to my little corner of the internet (sup!!), I thought it called for a recap post. My name is Emma, and this is my personal lifestyle and travel blog. I share my adventures as a long term expat, living in one of my favourite cities in the world. Though you probably won't tell from my developing English accent, I originate from New Zealand, also known as Aoteoroa, hobbitland or Land of the Long White Cloud. As a country, we are known as 'Kiwis'; not necessarily the small furry brown fruit, but named after a small flightless bird who lives in our forests.  

This here little blog is my journey as I try to comprehend the wild and wonderful English way of life. Let's just say more than five years on and married to an Englishman, I'm slowly getting there...

Likes include: exploring, foodie fun, margaritas, perma-tourism (finding tourist-like delight in a permanent home), photography, reading, brunching, laughing, the All Blacks - but football is cool by me, buildings, chocolate, cooking, twitter chats, dabbling in a touch of geekery, history and the secrets behind old doors.

Dislikes: Black liquorice, icy pavements, being photographed (ironic, I know), sitting still, over done steak, bad service, Martinis, queue-jumping, offal, awkward social greetin7gs and kale.

As with most expats, I only intended to travel for a couple of years to explore the UK and Europe. Fast-forward 5+ years, I’m settled in London with my hubby and our wee cat, enjoying life, and until we've discovered every nook and crannnuy on this side of the globe, we won't be going any where.

I've been blogging at Adventures of a London Kiwi since 2012, when having decided that we had unconsciously lapsed into a commute/work/home complacency, we weren't exploring our surrounds to the full potential. I enjoy sharing everything that I'm passionate about here in my corner of t'internet, and have connected with some fantastic people who share my enjoyment for the quirkier side of life.
Kiwiburger - with egg & beetroot OH yes please!

I'm straight talking, fun-loving and fairly well-balanced dork (although I do manage to hide it most of the time, kind of like Bruce Wayne has his Bat powers). When not planning our next adventures, I can be found lurking in London bruncheries, pounding cobbled pavements, sipping champagne over afternoon tea and floating down London canals.
Right, that's more than enough about me. How about you? 


  1. Love the picture of the smiling house in Notting Hill. I noticed it walking back from work the other day - I so have to stop by and take a photo myself :P

  2. Nice to meet you ;) I am Holly - expat in Canada with my boyf, dog and our wee cat! I like your ambition - every corner of the globe eh? Sounds like quite the adventure!

  3. I wish I had shoes that would melt the sidewalk as I walked as icey pavements are the worst!

  4. Your developing English accent? I would say you're there ;)

  5. Who moi? Sadly, I fear you're right...!

  6. Ditto that, it really, really stresses me out.

  7. Lovely to meet you too! Yep, I've always been told to aim high - "Aim for the stars or you'll never leave the gutter.."

  8. I rather like how humble they've been (that, or couldn't be bothered to say 11,000 hehehe).

  9. Black liquorice? blech. I'm with ya. And I'd say you're there with the English accent too! I hope I get one :)

  10. I like this idea of a recap post and great for me as I've just come across your blog! (Thank you twitter!) - I'm tempted to do one of these for mine too :) OK, I did not know burgers come with beetroot and eggs, gimme gimme! All this England talk makes me miss home.

    ~ K


  11. Oh, it's definitely fun - and so interesting to see how you, and your blog changes! Only Kiwi burgers normally come with egg, we're genuinely unusual!


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