31 July 2014

Friday figments and photos, well Thursday tidbits...

With the monthly travel link up gearing up tomorrow (it's a staycation theme - anything goes; something you would recommend, a long weekend trip whatever you fancy just add your post to the linkup from tomorrow to the 7th August) I thought I'd juggle the usual blog calendar around a little. This, this is rock'n'roll baby!
Figments of my international week - Adventures of a London Kiwi
I feel like this has been a week travelling around the world, all from my British home. The Netherlands
Figments of my international week - Adventures of a London Kiwi
Mystical Asia 


The Oriental Far East
Northern England and their bun shops (the "u" has to be pronounced to rhyme with pull)...
Zooming around Italy
And lastly a beach day in New Zealand.


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  1. They're not buns!! They're cobs!! Ha ha - the Great British debate!

  2. Bun, as in sweet bun? Oooh, I need a shop like that close to me!

  3. Oohh! I like the looks of your beachy day! x

  4. What a brilliant collection of photos! That should be our next travel theme - travelling around the world in your back yard!

  5. Love the photo of the windmill!

  6. Windmills make for lovely photos!

  7. love the vespa picture ;) looks like you had a lot of fun!


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