23 July 2014

Ozone Coffee Roasters: Restaurant Review Update

Comfort, routine and familiarity. It certainly has it's place in the busy, busy world that we live in, and I for one are no exception. My morning routine is so ingrained that without me I'm sure the shower would turn on, the coffee machine rumble to life and the train doors get stuck because of my bag jamming them open. In fact, my commute has become so second nature that on weekends when we're out exploring new corners of London, I'm known to hop out and change station platforms without thinking. Especially when we're going in completely in the opposite direction.

Ozone Coffee Roasters, just over from the Old Street Bermuda Triangle Roundabout is another such place that has become part of a routine I never want to change. Helping to soothe that little tic in my expat heart, it's somewhere that we keep diverting back to, time and time again. There is something about the Kiwiana carefully placed all over the beautifully industrial walls, the lovely Eggs Benedict, piping hot Flat Whites and ready supply of Lamingtons that sets up a siren call each time brunch is mentioned within a certain group of Kiwi friends.

Ozone's specialty coffee, ground on-site makes it worth the journey into London early on a Saturday morning (I'm learning to build time in for habitual route following) and every time I can convince anyone to join me. Whilst I'm teased away on occasion to try wonderful new restaurants, when it comes to satisfying that Eggs Benedict need, it's to Ozone we return. In fact, it seems almost as important as the real Ozone layer to surviving London life. #SorryI'mNotSorry

We've learnt to avoid the brunch rush by arriving early on a Saturday morning (we've never ventured on a Sunday but I'm told it's super busy) ideally before 11am to get settled properly on a table where you can catch-up, gossip and relax. We only ever order their Eggs Bene - literally each time we laugh at our Kiwi selves as the only variations are the topping (Bacon, Salmon, Mushroom etc). We do have one friend who order other things occasionally; we don't really understand why, but we love her anyway. Their bakery selection is always heaped with scrummy patisserie and I feel a guilt at not expanding my Ozone gastronomic horizons, but it if ain't broke, don't fix it I say! There are some delightful things on their menu, but we just can't wrench ourselves away from the home comforts.

Our most recent trip to Ozone was unusually out of routine, but lovely for it. Hanging out with the New Zealand Business Women's Network members (of which I'm one of the volunteer social media addicts for) we spent the morning chatting with fellow London expats before cracking into our Eggs Benedict. True to form, 14 ladies ordered Eggs Bene, with two 2 ordering something unusual. Can you get any more Kiwi?

It was a lovely, easy way to chat, but the highlight was hearing from Ozone co-owner, New Plymouth native Lizzie Bain, about the journey setting up the business, lessons learnt and their determination to keep the ethos of the original business as their main drive - quality. Fantastic boutique coffee, a quality life for the staff and passion for their Kiwi roots. Just fantastic.

Actually, ignore everything I've just written. All of the lovely Eggs Benedict with it's golden bubble 'n squeak cakes (the only exception I'll bear to the Eggs Bene rules), the sensory overload coffee breaking through morning fugs and the Kiwi Chic.

I still don't really want you to know about this place - you'll take my table!


  1. I love this place! I've been there twice now, one quick stop for coffee and a late lunch the other time. So I still need to go for brunch and try their eggs.

  2. This looks lovely, and definitely a place that will remind me of the brunches I'm so used to here in the States. I'll definitely have to make a stop there after we relocate!

    <3 dani

  3. It looks lovely. I love anywhere that serves coffee!!

  4. Certainly gets my vote on the Eggs Benedict front!!! My only choice of brunch if I'm lucky enough to partake, which quite frankly is not very often these days.

  5. london_unattached23 July 2014 at 22:06

    hehehe, I do like Ozone! funny how we want to keep places that are good secret!

  6. Apart from the fact that I do like the look of the food, I also really like the decor.

  7. Sylvia Fiolunka27 July 2014 at 12:36

    Love places like this, it should be my next one to visit while in London! :)

  8. It's great isn't it - the eggs are legendary!

  9. Most definitely! There are so many great tucked away places... We should maybe do a blogger brunch downstairs!!

  10. Kids wee tummies don't really work in so well with brunch sadly!

  11. It's very cool, industrial chic with scattered Kiwiana that makes us expats go a bit homesick. Perfect!

  12. It should be! Just get there early in the morning!


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