28 July 2014

Strange keyword searches & another crazy blog milestone

My blog is a strange mish-mash of all the things I love (I've been told it's a 'strong personal brand' by PR "gurus", but suspect that's just code for 'we can't really niche you' - good!!) but the wild and wonderful search terms leading people to my corner of the internet that pop up are always a source of delight and wonder.
I like to think that like my life, post topics are a wonderful combination of the large and the small, touches of occasion luxury within the general awe we find in small details. An unexpected side of blogging has been the memory treasure trove this page contains - I'm not one to get personal in public, but looking back with the aid of blog posts has been so special.
But, I digress. Nothing new there then!

Hunting for something the other night (aka desperately trying every trick Google could offer to recover a lost post - I almost cried in frustration) I stumbled again across the keyword searches portion of the back of my blog. Recent gems such as;
Can you kiss people in England - Er, yes I hope so, in the correct occasions of course!
Inflatable support for floating power - Just speechless. Speechless I tell you.
Kane and Abel parental guide - Really not sure that it's a good idea to parent in this vindictive style.
McDonalds ceramic Victoria and Albert - Well, I know who to blame for that one...
The Great Gatsby - Ironic as I really didn't enjoy reading it!
Kiwi Zombie - That's me before my morning hit of coffee, certainly!
And that's just this last week or so. What were you thinking people??
Whilst writing, I'd also like to thank you again. One of my excitements is going to stay a ninja level secret, but I've passed a page views milestone - another crazy one that I never thought I could reach. The plan was never to aim high -  I never thought I would be doing much more than keeping an online journal the Mr Kiwi, a few of my friends and family would be reading. Blogging has encouraged us to do so much more than that. We are exploring our home properly, doing things we might never consider doing and opportunities I wouldn't have had the confidence to seize could have fallen by the wayside. 
Most importantly, I've met and connected with the most amazing community of bloggers, readers and passionate people.
Basically, you guys rock.
Peace out!


  1. I'm jealous. I get such boring, practical search terms! Congrats on your milestone. And Kiwi Zombie? You've missed a trick there.

  2. Well done!! I love googling random things too!

  3. Haha you do get the best search terms!

  4. Hehe I love keyword searches. Such gems. I am reading The Greaty Gatsby now and loving it! What didn't you like about it?

  5. I just couldn't engage with it I think, there was an X-factor missing for me! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  6. I had some doozies - these are the clean ones!

  7. Lol, it's you causing these isn't it!!

  8. That I don't believe for a single second Mrs Southgate!

  9. Those are some wacky search terms, but what I'd like to know is which post did the users end up clicking on? Did they stick around on your site and read more? If so, looks like some of us readers have weeeird taste lol. Congrats on your blogging milestone and here's hoping many more pageviews are coming up soon ;)


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