5 September 2014

Friday figments and photos

Ah, Friday, there you are. I struggle with the concept of wishing my life away, but at the same time the weekends are so full of promise. Brunch, sunshine, London to explore, road trips, literary art benches, the hushed silence of tourists at the Tower of London, iconic buildings and Lolly Cake.

Luckily on top of this, inspired by the stunning view of our 'Room with a View' travel linkup we're got another girlie getaway weekend planned (ps there's still time to join us!)...

Have you many plans for the weekend, or are you chillin in your PJs?


  1. I love that photo of the green door! Have a nice weekend

  2. So intrigued by the look and sound of the lolly cake!

  3. I really wish I had gotten to see the poppy installation! Do you know when it's on until? have they already taken it down?

  4. It's here until November I think - they are adding to the installation every day.


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