21 October 2014

Secret Europe: 50 Truly Unforgettable Experiences to Inspire your next trip; Lonely Planet

This book is simply a gate-way drug to wanderlust. Yep, you read that right. Don't download this unless you want to be tempted into booking a fabulous holiday somewhere exotic.

I did warn you.

The downside to blogging, and reading so many wonderful blogs <shameless plug for all my favourite bloggers> is the sheer inspiration that causes you to fall in love with yet another destination from afar. Sunshine drenched beaches, hilarious travel escapades, immersing yourself in different cultures, tasting wonderful new flavours. All of it.

And this short book was no better. A free(!) Kindle download, it sucked me in whilst I was having a weak moment and a holiday to book over the Christmas/New Year break. With suggestions ranging from secret Krakow pubs, to sun-drenched Italian villages undiscovered by the mauraudering masses I soon realised that this may be the most costly free book I've ever owned.

I feel like travel bloggers are not just travelling to spend half an hour in each new city, but to experience something that makes a country unique, the as yet untold story of their own adventures - some good, some bad. We want to experience something of that city making it unique; the good, the bad AND the fascinating.

Is this really a book review? Probably not. But promise me you'll dream big, ok?


  1. This sounds brilliant! Of course I ignored your advice and downloaded it straight away. This was exactly what I was looking forward to!

  2. Seeing as I love getting off the beaten path, this definitely sounds like a winner!!

  3. Ohh secret pubs in Krakow? Tell me more, I'm there in about a week

  4. I'm taking your advice and won't be downloading this book until my next pay day! Jenna is making me want to go to Romania to go castle hunting - fancy joining me on day? xx

  5. I'll think of a way to send them to you!

  6. It's what travelling is about for me - exploring!

  7. Always a rebel!! I hope it inspired you!


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