14 October 2014

The Haiku Murder: Fran Pickering's Josie Clark

 A beguiling read
Lures your imagination
To shores exotic

 Japanese mystery
Surrounds expat Josie Clark
The Haiku Murder

Sequel to the page turning debut novel The Cherry Blossom Murder, Fran Pickering's second offering charting the amateur sleuthing of Josie Clark a British expat living in Tokyo, was no fading flower. In the beautiful town of Matsuyama on a company haiku-writing trip, an otherwise peaceful outing is transformed into a murder scene when a quirky financier falls from the top of Matsuyama castle. 

Quietly investigating a motley cast of suspects, Josie soon finds herself back and exploring Tokyo in an attempt to solve the puzzle of the victim's missing bag and just who wanted him dead. Whilst this plays out in the foreground, what will happen in with Josie and her long-distance boyfriend Dave, living the high-life in Sydney? I couldn't wait for the book to be released to find out.

A temple bell rings
Its circling echo tells of
A long night coming 


The key to creating a page-turning series is always a crew of fascinating characters, rich and faceted. Each person is a curiously engaging personality, and as with the Cherry Blossom Murder, the richly detailed backdrop of Japan is engaging, and alluring. It felt as though you lived there with Josie; picking up Dorayaki filled with red bean paste, experiencing the antiquated solemnity of a Japanese funeral and the lure of occasional cups of strong coffee.

Self-published author
Fran Pickering weaves intrigue
and thrilling drama.

Ps. She has also released a 77p taste-testing novella The Tokyo Karaoke Murder
Pps. Sorry for the terrible haiku :D


  1. I'm writing a haiku every day this year to accompany a photo-a-day project so this caught my eye! Looks good :)


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