27 November 2014

Travels + a Pinterest addiction = ...?

It's an interesting equation by anyone's guesstimate I reckon. One would begin to think that travelling would quell that insistent need to experience ever more wonders of the world, but it doesn't. Every single time I pop onto Pinterest, (owing mostly to the cool crew I follow) more travel lust rises in my heart with every beautifully framed image (and plenty of the real life, wonky, out-of-focus ones too).

It's that darned 'Add a place' button that causes the money to fly straight out of my bank account...
I can't help it.

Like an addict, I've found a coping strategy. Narrowing my travel ambitions down to 5 boards has helped this hobby a little; streamlining them into 2 categories; home & abroad and having two delicious wishlists for inspiration.

First, the World.

The UK.

And finally one of my favorite homes (all us expats will know exactly what I mean by that!)

...not to mention the awesomest explorative group board;

So, how do you cope with Pinterest inspiration overload?

Pssssst don't forget the new Monthly Travel Linkup topic is out for the 1-7th; all things deliciously festive!


  1. Great that you posted this, Emma! I didn't know that you were on Pinterest! I just foolwed you :) I cope by hardly ever going there. It's such a time sucker!

  2. I've had to stop following travel boards on Pinterest because I was spending so much time planning imaginary trips that I wasn't looking for jobs which will allow me to actually travel in 2015! I'll follow yours though, lots of good stuff there.

  3. I have to give myself a time limit on Pinterest, otherwise I can sit there all day! x

  4. I try really hard to focus only on my next two upcoming trips only - it's hard to do, but possible. That's helped me keep from getting MUST SEE ALL THE PLACES crazy. If I have a purpose on Pinterest, I'm much less likely to just start pinning everything that looks good. But I do have a wishlist board that seems a good amount of activity... :)

  5. Pinterest is wonderfully terrible, isn't it! The trouble I when I see that empty global map... but then it doesn't matter whether I'm online or looking as a dusty globe I feel the same.
    I think I need to take a leaf out of your book!

  6. Ditto that - what I love is that my techno-phile husband discovered Pinterest one day, and that it has hundreds of obscure photos of his favourite band!

  7. I'm definitely guilty of this - and it means that when we decide to go somewhere we have hundreds of beautiful choices - but it is a wonderful problem...

  8. It's a good call that! I actually spend the most time when looking for different recipes to try on my way home or have discovered in your ridiculously tasty blog!

  9. I have Pinterest, but I don't actually use it that much. I'm afraid it would send my heart into overdrive! Haha

  10. Travel addiction is a serious problem...but I think we can get through this...

    I'm with Sarah, even if I have a trip coming up I'm already lusting about the next two...

    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  11. We have a strong network of support, and many wanderlust quenching blogs to read in the meantime luckily!
    I'm not happy until my next break is booked - first world problems I know!


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