5 February 2015

16 signs you're a travel addict

I think I might have a bit of an addiction problem. It occurred to me the other day when dreaming up our next trip that I have an unhealthy view of the world (ie. the view that I work inbetween my holidays) and that I'm not alone in this.

Friday figments and photos - the Tromso Edition

A few of the signs that you're a travel addict;
  • Films make you want to travel, books make you want to travel, music makes you want to travel, sitting on the bus makes you want to travel.
  • Your wardrobe mostly consists of snowshoes, flip flops, travel guides and different sized travel bags and suitcases.
  • The realisation that cheesy touristy stuff can actually be ace, you just have to learn all the hacks to make it much less awful.
  • Long haul is your jam: you know exactly which pharmacies in London sell the best homeopathic jetlag tablets (because you've literally tried every trick in the book) and what time flights should be booked to work in with your sleep pattern.
  • You've slept sitting up, along airport benches, on dusty coaches, on trains - in fact sleeping in your own bed seems weird.
  • Local travel? Yes please. International Travel? Yes please! Jet lag? Oh, go on then!
  • Your email inbox is flooded with travel deals, blogposts with exotic locations and a weekend not either a) planning something fun or b) out and about feels like an utter waste.
  • You co-host a Travel Linkup asking other bloggers to tell you about their wonderful adventures.
What to do on a long-haul flight - Adventures of a London Kiwi
  • You work to fund your next trip.
  • Home decoration consist of maps, postcards and stunning travel moment photos.
  • You can't buy milk because every coin in your home is in overseas currency.
  • Once you've booked a holiday somewhere, every waking hour is spent researching things to do, places to see.
Lord of the Rings: Hobbiton, Middle Earth aka Matamata, New Zealand
Hometown tourism, oh yeah.
  • You're already planning the next trip before the return flight touches down on the tarmac.
  • The bucket list on your blog contains 30 places to visit, and even before the last bucket list expires, the next one is being drafted.
  • Deep down you know that you will never, ever be free of your wanderlust.
  • You read articles called '16 signs you're a travel addict' and metally go 'yes, yes, yes, ohh yes'...
I think I might need to start a Travellers Anonymous support group.
My all-time favourite book.

What was your moment of addiction realisation? (Just remember, admitting you have a problem is the first step to a health).


  1. Haha yes to all of these things! I can't get enough of travel and it is definietly a problem haha x

  2. Shikha (whywasteannualleave)5 February 2015 at 16:27

    OMG SO SO TRUE!! So I don't host a travel link up granted and us NHS staff aren't generally good at the old homeopathy but pretty much all the rest of it rings true! The home decor thing is especially true - we had pretty much no paintings on our walls for ages and now what we have is some pics of Vietnam that we bought there, our own photo of Cuba enlarged and a painting of Venice that my hubby did - I'm a self-confessed travel addict so if you set up the support group, feel free to pass me on the details :D

  3. SO true! We have pictures from our travels all over and are constantly planning out where to go next! And yes I have realized that there are just some cheesy tourist spots that are touristy for a reason --- and they are worth going to! My hubby has an Excel spreadsheet that tracks all of his vacation time so that we can plan out as many trips as possible :)

  4. Mine is a dual addiction. Travel paired with a love of luxury hotels...I spend evenings on luxury travel website drooling over #hotelporn...
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  5. I saw so much of myself in this post - particularly the overseas currency bit! I went to get some cash for a taxi the other day and found heaps of money from 4 different currencies, but there was not a single Qatari Riyal in my house. Fail!

    Polly xx
    Follow Your Sunshine

  6. Haha I love this post - I agreed with all of them!

  7. So very true, I work to fund my travels!

  8. Haha...
    You read articles called '16 signs you're a travel addict' and metally go 'yes, yes, yes, ohh yes'...

  9. Hosting a Travel Linkup is definitely the first sign of addiction ;-) Great post, really made me smile

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  10. haha most of these definitely apply - oh home decoration is only stuff I have accumulated on trips too!

  11. Okay, guilty as charged :-). Sign me up for your TA support group...

  12. The one for me is that I have mandated the next place we move has to be within an hour of an international airport as I am sick of this four hour train ride just to get to the damn airport!

  13. so many truths! I just kept nodding along haha.

  14. Haha, a Travelers Anonymous sounds like a grand idea XD I am definitely one for 'Working to fund my next trip'.

  15. Righto, your induction pack will be in the post :)

  16. The first in any journey is usually the hardest!

  17. Hell yes - 4 hours is a long trip even before you start!

  18. They make such wonderful memoirs though, don't they?

  19. Guilty as charged - we can't get enough of a fix just from our own memories ;)

  20. Ditto that - going so far as carrying an image of Italy in my wallet when I was first saving to come to the UK!

  21. I've gone old school this year & printed a year calendar for my wall. That way we can make sure nothing is too close. Well, that's the plan!

  22. I find homeopathy can help - even if it's a placebo at the end of the day.
    Your group welcome pack is on it's way :)

  23. One of my sadnesses is that my passport doesn't look like that - as an english person who has mainly travelled Europe you don't get your passport stamped :( I just have a bunch of Canadian stamps and US stamps.

  24. When you have to start picking between trips because you only have so much money and vacation time!

  25. Hello, my name is Elisa and I'm a Travel Addict ;-)
    My moment of realization came when I noticed that I had started giving up my beloved heels and fancy shoes in favor of shoes that I judged based on whether I could wear them to travel, and wear them all day to explore a city I am visiting. It may not be snow shoes and flip flops, but it sure is low-heeled ankle boots: versatile, easy to pack, and super walkable.

  26. hahaa the last one. yes yes yes yes yes!

  27. I've actually asked them to stamp it a couple of times (not this book the old one) I just that I'm a foreigner ;)

  28. It is the cruellest choice, and one we often have to make!

  29. Hello Elisa, and welcome to the group (milk and cookies are in the corner!)
    Low heeled boots are a great call!

  30. I have done that too and they stamped it in Greece but no one else would :(

  31. Yep.. card carrying travel addict here!



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