3 February 2015

Striding all over London (Guest Post: Mr Kiwi)

Luxuriating in the New Zealand sun, I made a bit of a mistake over Christmas. With one of Mr Kiwi's presents languishing in the far-away land that is our local Post Office depots, I received a thrillingly excited Skype call. "A fitbit? This is amazing! I've always wanted one, how did you know?..." Erm, well, I had to come clean about the fact that not only was I a bad wife, but that it was a guest post courtesy of Legal & General sending a fitbit to review. You know those blogposts, the ones where all you fancy is a night off, drinking cocktails with your mates whilst your better half hunches furiously over a computer keyboard in order to pen a review?

One of those.


Striding all over London 

The addition of a Fitbit Flex to my daily routine has had something of a transformational effect on my January. I had never really considered a wearable device as a means of actually improving fitness but I have to say I'm loving it.
Yes I’m loving it, but not without a degree of trepidation at the prospect. See, but for wifely pressure to test this new gizmo, that precious hour or so after work might - on occasion - be spent seeking solace in some fermented entertainment following a long day at the coalface. But apparently not now – things were about to change.

“…yes dear…”

My most recent stats
 Having mastered the art of fastening the rubber strap to my wrist, I was on my way on the1st of January with a daily goal of 10,000 steps. How far is that? How long would that take? How can it possibly calculate this, and will it be consistent? Time will tell but, for now, my focus was on the walk after work from Westminster to Marylebone.

Avoiding the most direct route through a pitch black Green Park, I meandered via Horseguard’s Parade, crossing the Mall and through Mayfair and on to Marylebone - about 45 minutes. Two days in and my wrist vibrated at Berkeley Square again (hitting 10,000 steps), so my faith was increasing. So why stop at 10K - why not go for 20K? So my walking spread to the mornings too, for which I earned a badge for smashing my target.
The weekly roundup...
It has been great fun to see my performance represented graphically in weekly reports - not to mention 8Ibs lost in a month, thanks also to a calorie counting focussed mind. The only real shame is that there is no in-built UK food database, but it becomes a minor issue as links to other dedicated apps get around this.

I admit to not having explored all features, but that will come. I will certainly keep using Fitbit to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and recommend it to anyone else.

Ps. A list of hostelries passed on this adventure is available on request... just remember, everything in moderation.


What he doesn't realise it that it's also a surefire way to check that all that time wasn't spent "walking" aka boozing in the pub with his mischievous work mates...


  1. I tried it once, but I felt like it was just saying the same thing everyday, and I got frustrated with it! I'd be interested in some of the other devices that are on offer that seem more multi-functional.
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  2. HA! Everyone I know with a fitbit swears by them! x

  3. Really interesting post! I've been trying to decide whether to get a Fitbit or a Jawbone. I have sleep apnea so really want to wait until the Jawbone 3 comes out as it has really in-depth sleep tracking!

    C x
    Lux Life

  4. I've got a Fitbit too, it's great for making me fit in those extra steps!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  5. Oooooh. Ok. I live under a rock. I had no idea these existed, but I walk everywhere (within reason). I should get one.

  6. I miss walking! Sounds so silly, and having a car is wonderful too, but I do miss the incidental exercise of having to walk everywhere in London!!!! Good job Mr AOALK

  7. Same here Meg. I miss the random encounters that happened because I was walking rather than underground or in a car.

  8. It is a great city to wander in - but I miss the ease of driving rather than waiting for public transport - the grass is always greener I guess!

  9. It's fascinating to watch the steps clock up & surprisingly encouraging!

  10. Do you think it has changed the amount you walk?

  11. I think the sleeping app is one that he didn't quite get to play with yet...

  12. Interesting point - do you think it had any effect on the amount of steps you walked?

  13. Maybe I wasn't putting enough effort in ;)


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