24 April 2015

Friday figments and photos

Thank you for listening, and so kindly empathising with my blabberings a few days ago about blog muses. It's a strange thing but so comforting to know I'm not the only one fretting slightly irrationally about our wonderful hobby!

The Garden Museum London

This week was mainly spent soaking in the sunshine - along with most of the rest of the UK I suspect. If much work got done nationally, I would be very, very surprised. 

Over the weekend with a friend I finally made it to the Imperial War Museum which was endlessly, sadly intriguing...

The Imperial War Museum London

...we strolled the streets of Lambeth admiring the blossoms...

Spring Blossoms in London

...discovering street art that made us smile...

Space Invader Street Art in London

...found out that the real existence of a wall flower is truely a lovely thing and friends who arrange shrubbery for your photos are the best...

The Garden Museum London

 ... Garden Museums contain lovely topiary...

The Garden Museum London

...spring blossoms are hard to leaf unphotographed (apologies #sorrynotsorry)...

The Garden Museum London

...the houses of Parliament are all a-flutter...

Politics at the Houses of Parliament

...remember to look up...

Look up London

...that every closed museum has a delicious silver lining...

Bubbly solves everything

...and when in doubt, take a cue from cute beasties.

Cute cat snuggles. Can't go wrong.

How are yours?


  1. Seems like a fab week! What a cutie! Here cutie kitty!

  2. Hehe love the leaf pun :) and the lovely photographs!

  3. You expats are great for actually going places...I've lived in and around London all my life and I've never been to the imperial war museum!

    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  4. I end up in Lambeth quite frequently over the years, and I've popped into the Imperial War museum a good few times. It had an incredible remodel last yearish, and is looking great now! However, the last time I visited I did have a cry in the Holocaust exhibit because I found it so moving.

  5. I have a huge love for the Imperial War Museum and have made everyone possible go with me!

  6. I've never been to the Imperial War Museum or the Garden Museum, this has really made me want to visit and I love your shot of the houses, Emma

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  7. I'd move a jungle for you any day, and Mz Mitz send greetings to The Moggy!

  8. Sounds like a great week! Sunshine, cake and pretty gardens, that's a win.

  9. The Imperial War Museum is the best, and deserves a re-visit already I think. It's one that needs a few quiet hours to wander through.

  10. Isn't the building looking wonderful!? I had to avoid the Holocaust exhibition due to past tears, but there were so many evocative items on display!

  11. She'll come to anyone with kitty treats and a warm lap nowadays...!


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