30 April 2015

Friday(ish) figments and photos

Ironically for someone who prides herself on defying the blog niche perogative, I seem to thrive creatively in a set, defined challenge. Bizarre, yes. Very Emma, yes. With my set scheme of 6 topics, I could plan ahead, knew what I needed to get for the next few posts and could feel like I was cheating when I defied the system and spent an entire week writing about Harry Potter and Doctor Who.

I think I've just solved my blogger's block. *facepalm*

Life lately Adventures of a London Kiwi

This entire week has been rather surreal and rather moving. With a 3am start on ANZAC day, we made our way to the incredibly busy corner of Hyde Park (there were literally thousands of sleepy antipodeans all rugged up, listened to the remembrance service intently. I do always wonder what the local hotel guests think!?) and joined Princess Anne commemorating the fallen soldiers of World War One.

ANZAC Life lately Adventures of a London Kiwi

Wellington Arch Life lately Adventures of a London Kiwi

We then popped out for brunch, and buckets of coffee. As you do at 6am on a Saturday (turns out a few of my colleagues were still out from the pub the night before. Awkward.)

Big Ben Life lately Adventures of a London Kiwi

Westminster Abbey Life lately Adventures of a London Kiwi
I rocked up to Westminster Abbey for the afternoon service (you apply via the New Zealand High Commission) only to realise in horror that I was wearing jeans. What's more, the Queen, Prince Phillip, David Cameron the UK Prime Minister, Lockwood Smith the New Zealand high commissioner, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg all attended, walking about 6m from where we sat.

I saw the Queen in person (again) AND I WAS WEARING JEANS. Mortified, I slung my coat over my knees, but still! When will I ever learn!?

Westminster Abbey Life lately Adventures of a London Kiwi

We learned later in the day of the horrific Nepalese earthquake which my heart broke for. It just isn't fair (donations can be made with the Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Appeal here).

Victoria Life lately Adventures of a London Kiwi

The rest of the week was spend enjoying as much sunshine and relaxation time as I could possibly find.

Bluebells Life lately Adventures of a London Kiwi

Gluten Free Pizza Adventures of a London Kiwi

And the odd Camden gig and gluten free pizza. When you're in Rome London and all that...

Gluten Free Pizza Adventures of a London Kiwi

Camden Gig Adventures of a London Kiwi

How has yours been?

Ps. excuse the interruption in the regular scheduling (refer to cheating in the first paragraph) but it's our monthly travel linkup tomorrow - and the topic is 'something you'd never do again'. I'm actually rather struggling with this one...


  1. I hope you gave the queen a regal wave ;)

  2. My "fear" is to be out and about wearing my slop clothes and running into someone "important." Love your photos though!

  3. I'm sure the queen will forgive you ;) xx

  4. Lol - I just did a slight double take. Is it Friday already? Looking forward to tomorrows post!!
    Claire xx

  5. I had the same thought as you regarding what hotel guests/local residents think about us all turning up for the dawn service. Especially this year with so many people in attendance! I'm pretty sure I was wearing jeans when I saw the Queen in person so don't worry, you're not alone!

  6. If you didn't know (I'm sure they're forewarned) it would be quite a strange thing...!

  7. Exactly! What's worse is that I just didn't think about where we intentionally went!


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