10 July 2015

10 reasons why I adore London - Friday figments and photos flashback

< Insert normal Friday figments and photos post here >

Well, we're having a few internet issues at the London Kiwi casa, but otherwise life is pretty delicious at the moment. The sun is shining without an insane fierceness, the London transport scene is back to normal today, it's traditional Friday breakfasts all round and we've spent the week enjoying a few cocktails.

Picadilly Circus Friday figments and photos Adventures of a London Kiw

Last night I was asked why I moved from the idylls of New Zealand to London and how I've been here for so long, I could only reply that it's because of a plethora of slight insane happenings that could only happen on the other side of the world from my birthplace.

In the spirit of this, I'm rounding up a few old favourite adventures on the blog from last year - just because I can.

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015 - Adventures of a London Kiwi

Cheers to the weekend lovelies!

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