1 July 2015

What is your travel personality? July Travel Linkup

Pre-internet (yes, there was such a thing) I used to buy glossy pink-hued magazines for one reason, and one reason only - the personality quizzes in the back of the spread. What's Your Party Personality? Which Spice Girl Are You? Which Hogwarts House Are You In? (nb. always pining for Griffindor) Are You In Love? Which Twilight Guy Should You Date?

There was a pleasant moment or two of relaxation taking them, and armed with a pen, secretly knowing which answers would get you the result you were hoping for (though if anyone actually needs the 'Are You In Love', the answers will never be in the back of a glossy with a free lip balm, never). After a few years of this quiet joy, and leaving the nest to travel, I slowly realised that I was literally living the What Kind Of Traveller Are You? quiz, but in real life.

What is your travel personality? July Travel Linkup

It has taken a few years to establish my travel personality and embrace the fact that I am who I am. If I ran those quizzes again, I suspect the following would come up...


My travel style in a single, much considered, overly pondered, hyphenated word. I've always found much of the magic of a holiday is in the planning - dreaming up a destination, calculating the maximum time we can get away, researching the tourist must-dos, finding a few gems that will allow us tourists in, schedule in a few relaxation days, marking everything on a map to ascertain the things we can actually fit in without going crazy. The best bits: that call to my better half enroute home the day before to announce that I'm freeeeeeeeeeeee and the cab to the airport.

My airport carry on encloses a medicine cabinet, entertainment to keep myself from fidgeting for days, snacks, headphones, all our chargers, socks, a bottle of water and copies of our itinerary, usually in a beautifully, luckily lightweight bag. I often get giggled at, but they always turn around later asking for something. That is irony right there...

What is your travel personality? July Travel Linkup


I want to experience the culture as a local, even just for a little bit. Hire a cute apartment, enjoy a morning espresso on the Venice mainland, clutching warm crusty baguette in the South of France, celebration karaoke New Year Kyoto-style, sipping bourbon in the Rainbow on LA's Sunset Strip, worshiping the fairies in Scottish Highland glens and wearing shoulder pads in New York. (No, wait, that might have been an 80s movie I watched recently.)

We'll never be locals (and asking for "svei tickets bitte" will never convince the Berlin bus drivers of our familiarity of the area) but we want just a taste of the magic that long-term residents take for granted.

What is your travel personality? July Travel Linkup


I adore the off-beat attractions. Sure the Louvre is stunning, but so is the L'Orangerie with breathtaking Monet Lilypads. We adored the Van Gogh musuem, but spent more time wandering the hallways of Amsterdam's Cat Museum. We tracked down the infamous Hilton suite where John Lennon & Yoko Ono asked us to give peace a chance, slept in a piece of Hollywood musical history, discovered the worlds largest Orange in the sunshine state, and adore getting lost just to see where we end up.

Once we actually find ourselves on holiday is when we kick it back to go with the flow; whilst I don't want to miss out on particular things, we like to keep a good balance between sightseeing and ambling. It wouldn't be a holiday otherwise! Lie-ins, cheeky brunches, the odd glass of wine and occasionally just sitting on the side of a riverbank.

What is your travel personality? July Travel Linkup

Just for amusement and old times - in the spirit of the linkup you understand - I did one of those tests, and found myself on a horoscope website...
The trip: Scorpio’s ideal trip can be a very romantic—but not a politely romantic—getaway. It’s more of a trip to the jungle where you’ll sleep in a treehouse. Scorpio is the archetype of the archeologist and detective. So, a trip where you could discover ancient ruins and ancient mysteries of the occult would be satisfying. Or, maybe a genealogy search or walking an ancient trail. Scorpio is a water sign, so anywhere near water would be great too. You’re not as daredevil as Aries, but you’ll still benefit from doing something we’ve always been afraid to do, like something that triggers an old fear. Maybe going back to a spot where a girlfriend broke up with you, and letting it go. Another archetype for Scorpio is the shaman, a need for deep healing. Going and hanging out with Shamans in the jungle on a soul-searching mission would be great for you, too. Try: Stay in a tented villa in Maldives, discover temple ruins in Cambodia, clear your mind in the purifying waters of India’s Ganges river.

What is your travel personality? July Travel Linkup
So, how about you?

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