26 December 2015

10 Signs You're Getting Old(er)

It is sadly inevitable that we all get older. I'm somewhat hoping that I also get a little wiser - fingers crossed (miracles CAN happen!) and lately I've been looking often into a mirror that often reflects my Mother's visage.

With every passing year time seems to speed up and a few habits are becoming more, well, noticeable.

In no particular order...

1. Preferring to reserve a restaurant table 3 months in advance instead of queuing for 3.5 hours in the rain and calling it 'something to look forward to'. Smirking as you queue jump all those young upstarts patiently waiting in the rain for 3.5 hours.

2. Learning to dress just at the boundary of comfort rather than at the cutting edge of style (yoga trousers are legit office wear, kay?) and knowing that a good scarf can make all the difference. (I may have recently realised an unintentional habit of a only wearing makeup for 4-star dining and above. (Don't tell anyone...)

3. Hangovers hurt. Bad.

4. Booking seated tickets at a gig, overlooking all those young things partying in the front row, tutting in envy at their moshing envy and talking about the 'good old days....'

5. Secretly exalting when a friend postpones a night in the pub, and running all the way home with glee straight into your PJs.

6. Selecting the quiet carriage of a train under the premise of blogging, but really luxuriating in the undisturbed ownership of a power socket (whilst simultaneously side eyeing those young, happy cretins laughing in the next row...)

7. Looking forward to global flights because of the chance to sit down & watch movies for 2 days straight (with a pesky stop or two for refuelling).

8. Picking healthy breakfasts over mischievous brunches, though holding out for the day that cheese once again resumes it's rightful place as a superpower superfood alongside coffee, red wine & bacon.

10. Walking determinedly into a room, only to back out again in confusion 30 seconds later wondering what the heck you'd left your comfy sofa for and what happened to your functioning brain power.

Please tell me I'm not alone!?

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