9 March 2016

10 reasons I hate blogging – a rant.

Over the years I have come to a firm belief in karma (and I was bullied as a school kid - are you reading this Janine?) so try to live by the motto of ‘be nice’ where I can in my life. I try not to complain about things that I can change, put as many good vibes out into the cosmos (*hippy alert*) and generally try to live without any regrets.

But, there are rare days where I really hate blogging – yes, the opportunities are immense, I’ve learned so many skills and met some wonderful people – and some days that I just fancy a little grouch. Unfortunately the latest mood occurred just when I had a blog post space, so here goes…

10 reasons I hate blogging – a rant.

  • Envy, there I said it. Envy is the greatest issue I have with blogging – reading someone else’s fantastically phrased post (even worse when you were at the table with them), when a someone spots a great viewpoint that you had your eye on and don’t want to look like you are copying or when you compare someone else's amazing photographic talents. We all struggle with our demons, I know
  • How can you love succulents in an emotional capacity? I have one inside pot plant, an orchid rescued from near-death and when it flowers I am always amazed (that it’s still alive despite my lack of green-thumb) and slightly awed at the curving beauty that unfolds every so often. I have nothing against succulents individually as it were…
  • Auto spell check. I think of them as little red underscores of doom.
10 reasons I hate blogging – a rant.

  • A lack of punctuation and capital letters. Yes, I get that it's chosen as a stylistic medium but it makes my head hurt. Yes, my punctuation (certainly my capitalization) is often found wanting and yes, it doesn't matter in the greater scheme of things, but a complete lack just doesn't work for me.
  • I have ugly, wide feet and short little Hobbit toes that will never, ever look good in a shoefie mostly because I can’t wear the beautiful, delicate sandals everyone else has. Also, I only ever seem to be wearing the same few pairs of shoes when the idea for a shoefie occurs to me!? C’mon shoefie gods (and there must be some because of the amount that are being taken these days) sprinkle some magic on me!
  • There are blogs that I adore reading just because they are sprinkled with snippets that make me laugh out loud, even when the main subject matter doesn’t apply to my own life in the slightest. Sometimes (only very occasionally, this is a blog severely lacking in the patience for editing) I read back my own posts and realise they are as interesting as watching paint dry. Good thing they have shiny pictures… (nb: this is not badly veiled hope for nice comments in the slightest, just stating a fact.)
10 reasons I hate blogging – a rant.
  • Non-disclosure. If it’s free and you’re recommending it, that’s awesome, just tell us! It’s usually fairly obvious in any case…
  • Losing the muse for a particular blog post despite loving the visit – often. And er, resurrecting said post nearly a year later despite the shonky photos because your friend thinks it's hilarious to tease you into it via a variety of social media platforms.
  • Blog widows/Instagram husbands expect to eat hot food!? Look, it's simply not the blogging way...and yes, I need to have a bite of your meal (nb: I unconditionally offer you mine back, but it's your decision not to try...)
  • The cat has figured out the best way to drive me crazy is to sit right in front of our computer screen whilst I’m mid-blog paragraph, and stare. I’m 99% sure the stare is trying to telepathically communicate “Human, I can see the bottom of my food bowl through the gaps between cat biscuits” or “Human, stroke me until I randomly decide it’s too much and I’ll bite you.” Actually, no make that 100% sure. If it wasn’t for blogging, I wouldn't spend enough time behind a screen for this to annoy me.
Ahhhhhhhh, I feel much better for that. Unfortunately I've also just realised I'm guilty of a multitude of blogging midemeanors myself... damn.

Do you have pet hates?

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