15 April 2016

Friday figments and photos: Posh nosh and blossoms

Rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, sun. We are in the middle of the emotional rollercoaster that is April showers, but with the promise of a delicious May and a cup of Joe in hand, it is worth the wait. In the meantime in between the raindrops and mischeif I've just been settling into the couch with the latest bingewatch TV series, because that's what London Kiwis do (the mischief I mean - what London Kiwis do in the privacy of their own homes is a state secret.)


They also misspell mischeif several times in a row, undoubtedly to the horror of teachers past. Sorry teachers, sorry.

Life Lately Adventures of a London Kiwi

This week was delectable. I feel as thought I prattle on about living life to the full, like I've swallowed a plateful of inspiration memes, but if you ever have the misfortune to meet me (usually found lurking in cafes and/or bars near the cake) that's just who I am. #Sorrynotsorry. Life isn't all unicorns and rainbows, which is also a fact.

I've had some bad times, lived through some sad times, (bonus points for recognising those famous Country lyrics) and have come through with the firm belief that you have to enjoy life. Don't sweat the small stuff, try to treasure every hour and have no regrets. None. It's YOUR life. You are the master of your own destiny grasshopper (well, you and your bank manager I guess).

Life Lately Adventures of a London Kiwi

Tony Robbins spiel over, this week we've really pushed this ethos to it's limit. Sneaking into the Ritz for a non-celebratory dinner, soaking in the blossom drenched St James and Green Park vitamin Ds,  lost a few hours to an exhibit about drug taking musicians, lost a few more hours to TV shows, drank too much coffee, an exploratory slice of cake or two and hanging out with the cat.

Life Lately Adventures of a London Kiwi

Oh, and sound the clarions - we've announced the newest Travel Linkup topic - #travelbloggersproblems. It's going to be amazing - to linkup, just add your post between the 1st and 7th May to the posts on Angie's, Jessi's or our topic suggesting co-host Lauren's blog.

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