17 November 2016

10 destinations that Instagram has made me dream about


We've literally just got back from an incredible 2 weeks under azure skies that were alive with the sound of music, but already as the plane wheels are hitting tarmac (far before we've worked out the jetlag kinks) my mind is already wandering to our next destination.

I partially blame instagram.

It not only provides another addiction to the shoal of social media habits I've found myself with, but it also provides my wanderlust with fuel. Will our next crazy adventure be in the UK (if my husband has anything to do with it) or will it be shores farther afield (if I get my own way...) for more exotic mischief?

I also blame the travel team at traveloka who commissioned this bevy of travel jewels post as they wanted to share some of their good hotel deals in a few of the beautiful South East Asian nations they feature - somewhere we haven't really travelled extensively. Yet.

So I hopped back onto instagram and found a few of my favourite images that evoke the real travel adventures that can be found around the world and fire up an epic case of wanderlust.

I can envision a few days overlooking the peaceful plains of coffee plantations terraced throughout the forest and a few evenings doing yoga, perhaps even chartering a boat to chauffeur us island hopping. We could explore the historic mix of cultures – Javanese, Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and European – which has influenced its architecture, language and cuisine.

I can see us padding through the Masjid Istiqlal (Independence Mosque) the largest mosque in Southeast Asia, exploring the aman Mini Indonesia Indah (literally translating to beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park) or learn about the history found in the Purna Bhakti Pertiwi Museum.

It is a country I feel like you could lose your soul to. I would be curious to adventure around the 140-hectare (350-acre) Ragunan Zoo located in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, fascinated to see the night sky at the Jakarta Planetarium and Observatory, race around the waterparks and feast on the streetside kitchens.

Perhaps a turn around the glorious temples and fragrant feasts in Thailand. I can't get over how beautifully colorful and bright these streets are.

I keep hearing beautiful vistas of the Phillippine archipelago islands calling my name - friendly people, exotic animals and beach breakfasting around sunrise (ok, let's be real here it's vacation, maybe a mid-morning breakfast.)

We could visit some of our globetrotting friends who have settled into the exotic shores of Singapore? Sounds utterly wonderful.

Ancient caves, sunlit bays and beautiful moments where the coffee is sweet, hot and scrumptious.

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We want to revisit Japan so badly. Another trip to the nation of sake poured into celebratory cups, beautiful Tori off in the near distance, and fresh sushi rolled with years of study.

Hong Kong
I had never considered a break in Hong Kong, but visiting the nation where the city skyline vies with tropical beaches sounds wonderful.

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And I know these destinations aren't quite in South East Asia, but we could muscle sneak in a stopover, right? #swoon

How about the view from a beach-side chair in Zanzibar - I can already almost hear the sound of the ocean lapping.

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Maybe the laid back vibes and perfect beaches of Dominica (I mean they would be perfect places to shrug off jetlag right? #dreaming).

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Or perhaps as a grade-A wildcard, the ancient majesty of Jordan with a millenia of history.

That moment when you realize that adventures are the best way to learn. This is my happy place. #TravelOn #Contest @citibank •••••• After viewing Petra in the day, we wanted to return to the famed Petra by Night experience. We asked the security team if we could enter the premises a few minutes early to capture Petra with no one else there. We sprinted the mile+ hike into Petra, zig zagging between the 100 meter high red rock gorges to have extra time at Petra. As we made our way on the last turn of the illuminated entrance, the famous facade of The Treasury presented itself to us in all of its glory. The pure beauty of this structure stopped us in our tracks and brought us to tears. The Treasury is such an incredibly mystical structure, filled deep with history. As we entered the area, there was a breeze in the air that spoke of world's past. It was as if our bodies knew of all of the thousands of years of history that had occurred here. While we were experiencing Petra in the present, we were living and breathing history.
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A travel-addicted girl can dream, right?

This post was a result of a collaboration with traveloka in conjunction with the hotel Borobudur Jakarta, but all thoughts and wandering sentences are very much my own.

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