7 November 2016

I just called to say I love you (ok, messaged)

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and a bit of Stevie Wonder came on the radio. Desperately trying to procrastinate about the life admin I had to get done (as much as I possibly could) his well-worn refrain really struck a chord.

I just called to say I love you.
I just called to say how much I care.

So, inspired by his words of wisdom that's what I did.

Texting, WhatsApping, DM-ing, emailing, gif-fing (that’s a verb now, right?), basically spamming a load of my nearest and dearest just to say I loved them.

It's a weird concept right - just being like 'yo, you are important to me - it's not that I want something, I don't need anything except your smile and I was thinking of you'. Most of my friends either messaged back "I love you too you crazy girl" or "are you drunk" both of which are equally legitimate responses and brought a huge smile to my face. In fact Mr Kiwi thought I was drunk in the middle of the afternoon .

Next time, it's snapchat singing. #RaiseTheBarStevie

It's just an ordinary day.  Go on, try it.

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