31 January 2016

Wild dolphins in Tauranga New Zealand - Love Travel Linkup

Honestly, I could almost just write this post as 'wild baby dolphins' ad finitum. Wild baby dolphins, wild baby dolphins, wild baby dolphins, wild baby dolphins, wild baby dolphins, wild baby dolphins, wild baby dolphins, wild baby dolphins, wild baby dolphins, wild baby dolphins, wild baby dolphins. There, got it out of my system. Wild baby dolphins. Ok, now I have.

Wild dolphins in Tauranga New Zealand - Love Travel Linkup

(Ps. If you don't want to read about a dolphin love-in, keep scrolling down for the travel linkup widget that opens the 1st of Feb - we've all got that lovin' feeling this month...)

29 January 2016

Friday figments and photos: the tasty sunset edition

Take that mid-January!

Wallace Collection afternoon tea Adventures of a London Kiwi

The skies are turning into spring delight - sunrise is glorious...

Wallace Collection afternoon tea Adventures of a London Kiwi

27 January 2016

Sake No Hana, Mayfair Restaurant Review

As most things with my beloved RunawayKiwi, dinner wasn’t your average experience. Finding ourselves recently with a Friday evening that we were both free (no mean feat), we trawled the internets on the Thursday evening for tasty cocktails, and ended up with 5-course Mayfair restaurant meal the next day. As ya do.

I accidentally booked it under an alias which isn’t very helpful for anyone – the staff, myself or my dinner date (of whom I told the reception staff ‘a curly haired lady called Rebecca, possibly wearing space pants trousers will come in asking for me’ to their polite puzzlement) and rocked up in a spring dress possibly more suited to a June picnic. In the middle of January.

Sake No Hana, Mayfair, restaurant review

Sake No Hana, Mayfair, restaurant review
Over the course of dinner we discussed world peace, how to use Snapchat (but it’s the blind leading the blind there, my favourite method is just bash the buttons & hope it works), Christmas shenanigans, hatched a plan or two, swapped tales of recent crazy meal experiences (she drank out of lab beakers, I went to a parallel world) and generally just enjoyed a glass of bubbly.

25 January 2016

My perfect London winter's day as a #Travelextourist

Recently Travelex set a few of us expat bloggers a challenge - translating $150 of our home currency into a lovely day out in our favourite city. So with £76 in hand (well, loaded onto a handy currency card collected easily the evening before) I decided to create myself a perfect London winter's day.

You know those ones you see in Hollywood films where the focus is just a little soft and dreamy, the skies are grey but the lamplight shines softly enough you don't mind? That's what I was aiming for. It was almost painterly in construction and ridiculously simple in organization.

Millenium Bridge overlooking St Pauls London Adventures of a London Kiwi

I intentionally didn't book anything in advance, simply letting our feet stroll from pillar to post (well, from painting to snack if we're being honest) and just enjoy a day in one of the best cities in the world.

23 January 2016

Christmas & New Year, Kiwi-style

Forget that it's already a month after Christmas. Ignore the fact that New Years Eve has been and gone. Overlook the fact that blogs are meant to be on-topic reflections of all that is trendy (which probably isn't my dowdy forte at the best of times). Consider it a suspension of disbelief that I'm such a tardy blogger.

Let me take you back a few weeks, to a time far sunnier and entirely upside down in a completely different hemisphere. It was Christmas Eve in New Zealand: the sun was shining, we had our drinks fridge all chilled and the ham was in the oven slowly being honey-glazed. One by one car loads of family were pulling into the drive before unloading copious amounts of kids and presents under the Christmas tree.
Expat holiday celebrations Adventures of a London Kiwi

22 January 2016

Friday figments and photos: The arctic winds of mid-January

It won't surprise you that the middle of winter is cold. I don't know why it surprises any of us, as it happens every single year, around the same time but we always seem so shocked when it eventually hits. We get out the thick jackets and thermals, wind scarves around our necks and slip on those cozy boots. And moan, did I mention the moaning?

The arctic winds of mid-January Adventures of a London Kiwi

But the trees and blossoms seem to think that it's spring already (I suspect it was the pre-Christmas heatwave we were having).

20 January 2016

Hate icy roads but love driving BMWs?

So, when I was told that I would be learning how to power slide at Goodwood Racetrack, my slightly crazy Kiwi brain translated that as learning to drift a car sideways. (nb: it isn't really, it's learning how to control your reaction and a lovely BMW on icy roads).

Goodwood Academy Extreme weather driving school

That's probably one of the problems about living in London for so long and beginning to see cars as a last ditch version of transport. With trains and the Underground the undisputed kings of London adventuring, car travel tends to comprise of getting from A to B in the quickest, warmest fashion rather than a default conveyance. I forget to wear a belt, hail cabs in impetuous pavement fashion and delight in the ability enjoy a chauffeur/cab driver driving me past London icons.

18 January 2016

Fischers, Marylebone Restaurant Review - a taste of Vienna

It is getting cold in London. Typical January weather - a bitter wind, occasionally icy rain and a flutter or two of snow dust. It isn't arctic by any means, but after travels on the other side of the world the drop of 20°C + seems to be sitting in my bones. To add to this, the unbridled joy of Christmas has flown, and the rosy cheeked whisper of winter has taken possession of our skin.

It means we are reaching for comfort food. Piping hot, creamy dishes, mounds of herby vegetables, hunks of unctious meat and spiced puddings that rest heavily in the flavour scale.

Fischers Marylebone Restaurant Review a taste of Vienna

The Austrian warmth of Fischers ticks all of these boxes. Sitting in the world cuisine bed of Marylebone (often an undiscovered gem) Yannick and I visited on a cold evening - one of those where your hands whip from pockets to gloves.

15 January 2016

Friday figments and photos - the globetrotting festive edition

The last month has been wonderful. Full of chaos, sunshine, excitement, watching the rain from a comfy seat, Christmas Jumpers, making friends with camels called Sheila, too much cake, skyscrapers, wild dolphins, champagne, cheese and crackers on the beach, a family wedding and so many more memories.

Tauranga Harbour Adventures of a London Kiwi

We skipped away to New Zealand (well, I say skipped, but it involved an 8-hour flight to Dubai, a 15-hour flight to Brisbane that should have been 13 which is bad enough, a much delayed 3.5 hour flight to Auckland and an urgent call over an airport tannoy which was pointlessly stressful) but upon landing it was worth every second.

13 January 2016

My New Years Resolutions

This blog has always been, and will forever more be a record of my personal adventures. It is a journal of the chaos, delight, opportunities and travails that we encounter all rolled in with an obsession for photography (as far as my skillz extend) and a dash of humour (well, I try anyway).

There seems to be a lot of the usual goal setting in the blogosphere that a new year usually entails, with a strong dash of 're-injecting the personality' for many bloggers who have been lured over to the shiny lights of corporate opportunities which makes me a little sad. What are blogs if not a record of your personal journey - whatever that may entail and without too many filters.

New Years Resolutions Adventures of a London Kiwi

I guess over the years, this corner of the Internet has settled into a bit of a travel/food/laughter groove - reflecting my favourite passions in life - and this comes out in the goals that I usually set. This year is different. I don't normally set New Years resolutions - the idea of them sends a shiver down my ever failing spine, so I've decided to call them commandments. Moses style.

11 January 2016

Five Scottish gems everyone should visit (Guest post: Claire)

Not only do I love Scotland, but I also adore Claire's (of the blog Country Mouse Claire) enormous smile and when she kindly said yes to a guest post on her home country of Scotland, I couldn't wait to explore a little more of the glorious lands that include the beauty of Skye.


Five Scottish gems everyone should visit

While London is my home, Scotland is my homeland, so when Emma asked me to write a short piece on travel for her blog (thanks, Emma!), a little piece on my favourite parts of this special part of the world is what sprang immediately to mind. I’ve been lucky enough to visit some special, beautiful places, but the sights and sounds of Scotland always call me home. Here are five places I think should definitely make your itinerary, should Scotland be calling you too.

8 January 2016

Keyword searches to discover Adventures of a London Kiwi

Every so often (usually whilst fixing an errant image) my eye is drawn to the statistics portion of my blog, and I remember that there are keywords drawing people to my little corner of the internets. I then scan down the page in disbelief, as an array of hilarious snippets begin to list.

Cue a brief moment of SEO guilt (as every blogger talk I've ever been to flashes before my memory) before becoming distracted by yet another cat video on You Tube...

No surprises for this one (thankfully)... I do wonder what people think they're getting themselves in for though...

dinner on tube train
This was so many layers of fun - not your average pasty-after-a-night-out dinner on a tube train.

6 January 2016

Travel's made me fearless (Guest post: Charley)

I love Charley. She's a pink-haired sweetheart who used to live a few blocks away from my house (I stalked her via Twitter as you do) before she moved cross-country to get away from the glorious chaos of London. (I'm pretty sure it wasn't my fault.)

Now she's living Up North and blogging at This City Life, she kindly agreed to guest post whilst we're recovering over the New Year period.

Travel’s made me fearless.

This City Life Charley Adventure Travel

I’m a scaredy cat, through and through. I rarely do anything without listing the pros and cons first, don’t have the stomach for exotic foods, and think those who enjoy skydiving are seriously underestimating how great sitting down is. But, thanks to travel I have managed to grow a (small) pair in the name of getting out there and putting myself in situations I normally wouldn’t. Here are some of the ways that travel’s made me fearless.

4 January 2016

How to travel cheaply OUT of London (aka shoehorn more adventures into a London budget)

Living in London and travelling is expensive. It’s sadly a fact that we can’t get away from, but over the years I have learnt a few creative tips and tricks that allow for a few extra quid in my pocket (usually then wasted on takeaway coffee and local delicacies if I’m being honest) and as many adventures as we can fit into a bulging calendar.

A pound saved is a pound that can be spent on champagne later, amiright? I’ve always been of the opinion that the less I pay to enormous conglomerate companies, the more I can spend whilst enjoying our destination. A nicer hotel, a beautiful meal, an extra experience that we stumble upon. You know the drill...

How to travel cheaply OUT of London (aka shoehorn more adventures into a London budget)

TSB contacted me about working together again to spill a few more of our favourite savings secrets that enable us to gallivant around the globe, but this time they asked for a gathering of tricks we use in order to budget and save money travelling and living in an expensive city (None of the mentioned travel links are sponsored in any way, I’m simply sharing them as I love them and recommend them often…)

1 January 2016

My 2016 Wanderlust Wishlist - the January Travel Linkup

So, 2016. Here you are. So full of promise, mayhem and allure - and it's only been a day or two so far. We had planned to wander far and wide over 2015 (and had quite a few specific places on our wishlist), but didn't quite count on spending Christmas in Aoteoroa, then winning return flights to New Zealand in June, taking solo trips (Mr Kiwi and I holidayed simultaneously in the adjacent countries of Portugal and Spain), falling in love with Bordeaux, drinking Hollywood Pink Champagne on ice, causing mayhem in Morroco, discovering the nearby delights of Lille and making another trip to New Zealand for my second Kiwi Christmas in a row.

We also managed to fit in a fair bit of the UK - spent a lovely girly weekend in Bath, road tripped our way through the Scottish Highlands, slipped to a sneaky seaside retreat, lived it up at Downton Abbey, sipped gin in Hampshire, relived precious memories in Cambridge and a whole lot more. Ok, that year was more action packed than I thought. Good thing I have a blog to keep me remembering...

In 2016 I want to travel everywhere. OK, OK, that's no surprise to anyone (especially those that put up with me on Pinterest - infact my global wanderlust board seems rather chocka!) Luckily we'll be waking up in Dubai in a few days, so watch this space...