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What I love the most about these blogs are the vivacious variety of posts, escapades, mischief, fun, real life, chaos, quirkyness, foodie fun, history, brunch... all the wonderful blogging personalities.

Just a few of my favorite blogs for your perusing pleasure...

Sequins and Cherry Blossom - London, sunshine, sushi, books and blooms.

Runaway Kiwi - Coffee, brunch and an obsession with polka dots.
Emm in London - An eternal South African Tourist.
The MayFairy - A wicked Kiwi, with a razor sharp wit.
Jasmin Charlotte -  A hybrid English Kiwi currently living in London
Angloyankophile - Stylishly escaping the clutches of suburban American life in London...
Cake and Whiskey - She had my heart at 'cake'.
The Lifestyle Diaries - Full of mischief and smiles.

Around the World in 80 Pairs of Shoes - Gluten free afternoon tea, roadtrips and mischief.
Silverspoon London - Luxurious life, fun and foodies escapades (with a side of salmon ;D).
Lux Life - Life, events, food, travel, luxury - and the best surname ever.
Luxury Columnist - Delectable tastes of the finer side of life.
Penelope & Parker's Travels - Accountant by day, travelling blogger by night...
Follow your Sunshine -Luxuriating in the sunshine of a Doha life.

Urban Pixxels - Stunningly stylish photography.
To the Days Like This - Adventures, travels, ramblings and thoughts on this funny old life.
Melanie Fontaine -Aspiring writer & photographer with a mad case of the travelbug

Jess on Thames - My favourite Minnesotan Kiwi living, loving London.
Being Erica - Wednesdays she wears pink.

Kiwi Footprints - Tips, tricks and photography causing travel envy.
Why Waste Annual Leave - I think the name says everything you need to know...
Lines of Escape - Travel, confessions, suitcases, quirky activities and a side of archaeology.

Globetrotter Postcards - Immersive theatre, day trips, off the beaten track travel & a huge shy smile.
Erin Out and About - Expat life on the flipside.

Chic-a-Dee-Dee - The story of a New Yorker & her explorations of North-East England
Big World, Small Me - A New Zealand girl who left home five years ago to pursue a life of travelling and living abroad.

This City Life - A writer currently navigating the world of advertising and a new life in Leeds.
Six out of Ten Magazine - Head in the clouds and feet on the ground.

The Sunny Side of This - The fabulous 'self-proclaimed unofficial Slovenia-Mexican Ambassador'.
A Deecoded Life - An expat living in Singapore and sharing her world.
Unlocking Kiki - Lust worthy life in Iceland
Full of beans (and sausages) -  A devoted English romantic and explorer living in Canada.
Crumbs in the bed - Saying life how it is as an English expat in Belgium
Toothbrush Travels - An ex-expat having expat worthy escapades.

The Italian Kiwi - The life and times of an Italian Kiwi.
In her 30s - Honest #foodporn.
Lady Loves Cake - Wellington NZ brunch meets London UK dinners. Get in mah belly.
Whatever Gets You Through The Day -Delicious recipes and wonderful writing.
Rhyme & Ribbons - London shenanigans and a Paul Hollywood approved baking thumb.
Passport and Toothbrush - Currently travelling around the world one London restaurant at a time.
More than just a cupcake lover - Chatter, tea, cake, London.

I always find it fascinating to see whose blogs other bloggers love to read - does it say something about our personalities? In fact I've just realised that my bloglovin' has 230 blogs that I follow.

Hello, my name is Emma and I am a blog addict.

(I know I've missed a plethora - drop me your recommendations!!)

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  1. Hey Em,
    Love the Blog, especially the logo at the top of the page :) Did you design it cos its way awesome!

    Have to catch up soon xxx

    1. Hey a Sarah,
      Thanks :) Yep we designed it - tried to be quite tongue in cheek.Would love to catch up soon xx

  2. Hi , love the header and I am scanning through your posts as promosed. Was great to meet up at Balans.

  3. Hi Erin .. Loved your tour of Fortnums. One day they'll get our peanut butter. In the meantime, could I send you some to feed your readers with?
    PicsReally Good Peanut Butter

  4. Hey! Absolutely love your blog! Glad I stumbled across it :)

  5. Thanks for including me in that list Emma (and yeah, cake is my strategy to take over the world! ;) ). Lovely meeting you last night as well!

    Sandra | Cake + Whisky


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