Drawing on my 5 years+ experience as both a blogger and content creator, I am passionate about promoting unique businesses with tailored social media management, destination marketing and online PR. Working with established and start-up brands alike, I offer client dedication and flexibility that traditional companies often struggle to provide. 

Social Media Consultant and Content Creation Adventures of a London Kiwi

Do you or someone you know need a freelance social media manager or consultant? In the UK alone with approximately 45% of online adults using Twitter, 19 million people on Instagram and 78% of over-18 year olds in the UK using Facebook; this means that your business needs to be maximizing its exposure and utilising these 'non-traditional' marketing platforms.

If you would like to speak about social media management, content creation or social media strategy, please contact me. I offer a variety of services from one-off audits and advice, through to full account management.

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