When we tripped to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha, what to wear in the Middle East was the aspect I probably researched the most. I’m no fashion plate, but as a female travelling into a conservative country that has quite strong views on what is acceptable to wear, I fretted about what was suitable to throw into my suitcase. ‘What do I wear to the Middle East’ is something I get asked a lot – and… View Post

Have you ever fancied 48 hours in Bristol? Over a decade ago when I explored the streets of Bristol on a weekend, the streets were slick with rain and it was long before we had Google maps guided our footsteps. A rain-drenched Kiwi wandered through the twirling lanes, with an England Lonely Planet guide in one hand and the other hand tucked in her pocket. Whilst I wandered all those years ago I still managed to… View Post

To me, afternoon tea is all about spending quality time with someone special – taking time out of a normal day to enjoy a little indulgent luxury. Relaxing at Rubens Hotel in their Palace Lounge was just perfect after a busy, stressful couple weeks for both my lovely friend and I.  Disclaimer: We were guests of Buyagift but my (very many) thoughts and pinky raising are very much all my own posing. There’s an old… View Post

Bran Castle. AKA the home of Dracula (or is it?), the origin of every Vampire movie, novel, book and a national monument and landmark in Romania. When Mr Kiwi and I were scouring the internet for unique holiday destinations, we jokingly mentioned going to Romania to visit Dracula’s Castle – but it turns out that both of us were quite interested, and within an evening we had shaped a holiday around it. We spent the… View Post

I’ve never yet made it to the Chelsea Flower Show. Somehow we always seem to be away, or busy, or some other reason which always seems important at the time. Luckily though, the team at the Polo Bar in the Westbury Mayfair Hotel have kept floral notes of the flower show in their Season of Flowers cocktail trio, available until the end of August. Disclaimer: We were invited guests of Westbury Mayfair Hotel but my (very many)… View Post