This date will be scarred into the New Zealand psyche forever. My heart shattered to hear how many families have been forever affected by the horrific actions in Christchurch. My home is grieving for its countrymen, and I don’t think I’ll ever quite have the words to express how I feel. I am also so proud of how my country has reacted in terms of compassion, changing laws and gathering together. Sadly, it has happened… View Post

Some of the moments that spark joy when travelling are hard earned and some are just ripe for the taking. Our long weekend in Valencia was as easy as twisting a ripe orange from a laden bough. It began on a cold winter evening, perusing a list of winter sun destinations and within 15 minutes of finding a date both Binny and I could do, we booked the flights and started flicking through the lists… View Post

“For me, the food I like to make is the food I can enjoy all the time anytime. It’s not too calculated or technical.” Daniel Boulud. But, what this quote doesn’t mention is the clever skill – and at Bar Boulud in the Mandarin Oriental hotel demonstrates just that. Disclaimer: We were invited for lunch at Bar Boulud – not long after enjoying lunch there as paying guests (read that review here.) We met for… View Post

Next to catching up with friends and family, the best thing about having visitors to London is using their visit as a gold plated excuse to delight in doing a few touristy things. Over the years we’ve ticked 99.9% of London’s attractions off the list, but we hadn’t quite managed to make it to one of the Cereal Killer Cafes. Yet. Well, that was until our lovely friend from Texas came, giving me the perfect… View Post

I’ve always maintained that a good meal is worth making an effort for, so I decided to gather together 5 of the best lunches worth travelling around the world for – the noonday repasts that I have loved and would happily travel again for. There’s a real combination in this list- from 2-Michelin starred luxurious hotels to simple, delicious treats accompanied by the fresh sea air – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.