Hello World!

Hello world!

For me this is the hardest part, a blogosphere wanna-be, trying to figure out what I want to tell the world, and to some extent who I want to be. Well, I can start at the beginning, and who knows where we will end up!

Hello World Travel and Food Blog Adventures of a London Kiwi

I came to the UK travelling, intending to take a break year from my architecture degree, to explore real buildings rather than try and understand them on paper before returning home to finish my degree. Fast-forward 5 years, I’m still living in London with my hubby and our wee cat, enjoying life!

Travel and Food Blog Adventures of a London Kiwi

I love photography, reading, wandering, trying new things, finding a balance between eating deliciously and healthily, hanging with friends, driving my hubby mad, listening to great music & I hope to add blogging! I vaguely attempt creating beautiful objects, writing, drawing, DIY, home design, understanding rugby and Football, comprehending the wild and wonderful English way of life, geocaching. Oh, and talking. I do love talking. Hello world!

I simply wanted to pen a love letter to London, the place I call home. I hope you enjoy the journey. 

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