Bunny Wrangling

So, the last thing we expected was to be doing was bunny wrangling on our way home from the gym…! We were walking past a green near our house, and we noticed two animals bouncing around under the trees lining the park.

This is essentially the main view we had of the fellas Photo Credit

Looking closer, its a brown bunny and a white bunny! A hour and a half later, we’ve managed to keep them away from being squished on the busy road, and 10 people armed with coats, a dust sheet and some hastily gathered carrots finally manage to subdue the beasts. I even managed to catch the white one in my hands (definately the cheekiest!) before we bundled them into the cages bought by a local vet nurse (who incredibly luckily happened to be walking past just after we spotted them).

flipside, it was so heartening to see all of the random strangers who stopped and helped gather the terrified wabbits in, two couples even crossing the road from inside their homes, bringing the dust sheets with them.

It was certainly and unexpected cardio bonus, but my excercise counter was a wee bit confused:

We followed up with the most delicious Dark Chocolate Smoothie bowl for dinner. Not the most traditional of dinners, but we were knackered by the time we got in. Hubs is absoloutely right when he laughed that we learned much about bunny agility and our lack of!


Today’s workout: 50 minutes steady treadmill walking, 1.5 hours diving & running after wabbits.

Update: We called the vet surgery the next day, and they are settling into a cage in the vets’ kennel, with hay and food for a couple of days before they go to the RSPCA for adoption by a new loving home.

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