Foodie Penpals July

I love Foodie Pen Pals. End of. My Penpal this month was the very lovely Lin, of and she sent me a stonking parcel. I wish computers had smell-o-vision already, I recieved such a beautifully fragrant package!

Lin’s Homemade Curry Powder – which we tried a smidge of in Fishcakes. Honestly, just the memory of them is making me hungry… I may have to put in a repeat order…

Multi-coloured Pasta – I’m saving these babies for a special occasion. Lin says her guests love these, and I can totally see why.

Chilli Oil – The only response I got from hubby was ‘Nom nom nom’ in between mouthfuls.

Sugar Love Hearts & Lavender Sugar – These are just so sweet & were made by Lin’s little ones. I served the Sugar Hearts with afternoon tea to my Mother & Father-in-Law who LOVED them. The Lavender sugar brought back such strong childhood memories, and I can’t wait to use them in baking. Thanks kids!

Strawberries & Cream Tea Bags – These smell utterly delectable. They didn’t last the day, and I’ve been to the supermarket to buy more already. They even recommend making the tea – letting the jug cool for 2 minutes, then steep for 8-10, which is my favourite way to drink tea, though I’m called a barbarian in my office for it.

They say Foodie Penpals have a touch of the psychic to them – I’ve just run out of Green Tea, and a lovely new packet arrived. This tea is lovely and refreshing.

Mini-Crackers – I didn’t even read Lin’s note before cracking these guys open, they are ever so sweet and full of properly corny jokes…

Lin also included one of her favourite Greeting Cards, and I can’t wait to pay it forward to someone I love.

Thank you again Lin, for such a lovely package!

What is your favourite/most evocative childhood smell?