I love lists. I make no apologies
for it, and admit that sometimes I make lists of lists, and then lose them,
adding ‘find list’ to the items of a new list.

Sometimes we find ourselves
saying “what are we going to do this weekend?”

I love 1001 in 101, solving the
twin conundrums above. I stumbled upon the website via the blogs I read, and
devoured the fabulous goals people are setting.

In order to spice things up a
bit, and to ensure we don’t find ourselves wandering aimlessly or sitting on
the couch, no matter how much our Puss pins us down, I decided to set 101
goals. I think my main goal in life to have fun. We work such long hours, in
stressful jobs to get the bills paid and I really think that you need a
distraction to think about and look forward to. From the simple things such as
joy on a friends face, to complex undertakings that affect hundreds of people.
It’s all important.

This is why I do the 365
challenge I think. I LOVE photography. I have my baby-camera (it’s a Fujifilm Finepix EXR550
nothing as cool as a DSLR but has most of the manual functions, and I am
coaxing a few good photos from it) and my phone on me at all times, and a film
camera which I am starting to get to grips with tucked away at home. It’s
something on a daily basis to be thinking about and looking for. Even if your
day is terrible, and I’ve had a few over the last few years.

Anyway, back from my tangent, I’m
going to set a page up on this little here blog and mark things off as I go
along. I don’t want it to be a dead page, but a vibrant link back page,
celebrating each goal as we achieve it. It may change, goals may become defunct
or un-achievable, but I’m going to do it. And I’m pledging to myself to
complete them all. I hope you enjoy, and
would like to join in!
Set your own 101 in 1001. Tell me about them, I’d
love to see the adventures you have planned!

100 in 1001 – 01/06/2012 – 27/02/2015

Personal Goals

01. 7 Random Acts of Kindness in 7 days

02. Participate in NaNoWriMo

03. Go up in a Hot Air Balloon

04. Unplug from the phone, internet and television for a

05. Do 3 days of Volunteering (../3)

06. Leave a 100% tip

07. Leave 25 Operation Beautiful notes (../25)

08. Join, or Start a book club

09. Save £1001

10. Donate Blood

11. Send a Message in a bottle

12. Learn to recognize a constellation

13. Don’t complain about anything for a week

14. Begin drawing again

15. See the Queen!

16. Write a letter to myself to be opened in 10 years

17. Organize all outings for at least 2 months in a
calendar. Don’t miss any.

18. Complete a work related qualification

19. Send someone flowers, just to brighten up their day

20. SkyDive (with instructor)

21. Make an item of clothing

22. Complete the Monopoly Walk

23. View the Crown Jewels

24. Visit Buckingham Palace

25. Read 60 books on a top 100 book page (I’ve read 39/60 so
far of the BBC’s 2003 list 10/06/2012)

26. Attend a Cricket Game at Lords

27. See the All Blacks in Twickenham

28. Find a penpal

29. Pay for someone in the line behind me

Friends and Family

30. Make and send a photo Christmas card

31. Give everyone home/locally made Christmas gifts one year

32. Have a Makeover

33. Go on a trip with my Sister

34. Go on a trip with my Brother


35. Complete a Spin class

36. Walk behind Waterfall

37. Complete a Hike

38. Publish Workout Playlists

39. Be able to touch my toes

40. Go indoor rock climbing

41. Swim 50 lengths

42. Lose 30kg

43. Maintain that weight once lost

44. Do a 5k & raise money for a Cancer Charity

45. Run an entire 5k (no walking breaks) & raise money
for a Cancer Charity

46. See Big Ben


47. White cliffs of Dover

48. Chichester (Crooked spire)

49. Visit Greece

50. Visit America 

51. Visit the Pyramids

52. Olympic Village

53. Scottish Highlands

54. Go on a Canal Boat Holiday

55. Visit the Anne Frank House

56. Sleep in the treetops

57. Kiss the Blarney Stone

58. Go on a spontaneous Road Trip. Use a spin board to
decide where to go for an afternoon.

59. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day

60. Sleep under the stars

61. Dance in the rain


62. Cook an entire Cookbook
63. For a day, cook a menu of hubby’s favourites.
64. Make Vanilla Rum & Skittle Vodka

66. Make Crystal Wraps

67. Eat only locally grown/made food for a day

68. Have a themed meals week

69. Host a Marguerita, M….s and Monopoly night

70. Cook a Beef Wellington

71. Attend a Clandestine Cake club

72. Host a Posh Afternoon Tea

73. Try 5 new restaurants in London town

74. Create & post 15 original recipes


75. Create one original artwork for our walls
76. Grow (and eat) edible flowers

77. Make the years’ Christmas Decoration

78. Keep the coffee table clear for a month

79. Grow my own tomatoes

80. Complete 3 home craft projects

81. Clean out the pantry cupboards by eating it all


82. Make & Develop a PinHole Camera Image
83. Sell a photograph

84.  Two day
Photography Courses

85. Develop 3 rolls of film (../3)

86. Enter a Photo in a Competition

87. Photograph a week of quotes

88. Photograph a Red Squirrel in the wild

89. Catch at least 12 items on my ‘all time’ list (../12)


90. Design & run a blog for at least 1001 days

91. Go a week without using the words ‘Awesome’ ‘Yay’ or

92. Complete a Blogging Workshop

93. Write a guest post

94. Conduct and post an interview

95. Write a “day in the life” blog post

96. Add 5 new food blogs to my reader

97. Do a “what I ate Wednesday” post

98. Review 52 books, one per week for a year

99. Review 5 food related nonfiction books

100. Meet a blog friend

101. Complete my 101 in 1001 page/countdown

 Which would you like to do? Would you like to join me in any?

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