Olympic Village Wandering – Fail.

So after months of discussing it,
we finally got ourselves over to East London, to check out the Olympic Village.
We were up early, settled into our Tube seats for the cross-London journey,
and came out of Stratford station armed with a wanders map.

I love the random industrial
pieces of art that are dotted around the site, including the below. Irreverant
and gleaming they are beacons for lost travellers hoping to see Olympic glory.
Or something like that. They are awesome.

Trouble is, the Olympic Park went
into lock-down mode about 3 weeks ago. D’oh! We did however manage to check-out
the shopping centres before pit-stopping for fro-yo. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Todays workout: Rest day, but we wandered for a couple oh hours.

What do you think about the Olympics?

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