Party breakfast

I love Saturday mornings. They are made oh-so-much sweeter by the working week ‘schlep’ every weekday morning. This morning the clan all arose at about 10 (by clan I also include the cat, though she got up, stretched and went back to sleep…), we fixed ourselves some breakfast and began to plan for the day.

Today I discovered Almond butter. A jar has been living in my cupboard, almost mocking me for being a scaredy cat and not trying it. I love peanut butter, but it’s not so good for the hips, and when my kind penpal sent a jar of Almond butter I was a little worried as I dont like almonds…

I am such a wuss. To be frightened of a jar!

In this light, it doesn’t look so frightening…

So this morning in search of something different when I lit upon my lonesome jar, I reached for a knife and girdled my loins. Verdict = lucious goodness. Once you mix it all up in the jar (a bit of a arm work-out in itself), it’s delicious. Nutty and rich, I layered it on my cinnamon bagel with light Philly and, as it’s Saturday, sprinkles.

Nom nom. Now, onto some heavy sanding and undercoating. Such a glam life!

Today’s workout: Sanding, Painting, 20minute easy walk.

What is your favourite weekend breakfast? Have you tried any nut butters?

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