Cat Diving

Our pussy cat has been up to highjinks this week. Case in point, this morning, we were woken at 6am by a woeful mewling.

She had decided in her infinite wisdom, to clamber to the top of our cupboards, and my lovely hubby panicked thinking she wasn’t able to get down. He rescued her, placed on the ground and went off to work, safe in the knowledge that she had all four paws securely at ground level.

Well, until I prepared to leave for work and noticed a pair of green eyes peeping over the cupboard edge, about 7inches from the ceiling. I’m a bit meaner, and more used to cats, so instead of pulling out a chair to grab her; popped some cat biscuits in her bowl, at which she managed to get down. I personally think she was holding a Sit-In protest at the lack of treats lately.

The real reason for her high adventures became apparent when I came home from work and she was up there, again: she was practising her 10m fixed board dives – must be at least a 3 1/2 forward pike?

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