Living London: Rainy Bank Holidays

Now, I love London with all my heart (except the part that will always be reserved for Aoteoroa) but the one downside to London – the weather (Oh, and commuting, but we’ll leave that for another day!)

The quintessential image of London is rainswept, and it well deserves it. It’s not normally a torrential awful rain, but just an annoying drizzle that springs on you when you’ve nipped out without your umbrella. Before I came over I thought it would more like a monsoon to be honest – continuously driving rain – but to be honest as long as you have a wee mini-brolly in your bag, you’re normally ok.

Except this ‘summer’. I don’t expect much from UK summers (I think the reason they built soo many pubs is to get out of the rain!) but bar the last few tropical weeks it’s been bad. The last couple of weeks the Gulf stream apparently shifted, and we have had mediterranean weather – woohoo!

… Until the curse of the bank holiday. 3 days off = rain. And Thunder and Lightening.

And what’s the very best thing to do on a rainy bank holiday weekend?

Todays Workout: 45 minutes splashing through London streets

What have you done on your Bank Holiday Weekend?

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