Emirates Cable Car, North Greenwich

The last leg of our tourist day, was catching the cable car linking the southern bank of the Thames near the o2 Arena, with the Northbank to the Excel Centre – both Olympic Venues.

I have to admit I’m not great with heights, so I was a bit wary of this one, but knew that if I didn’t gird my loins and get on it, I would miss some spectacular views. Once I opened my eyes, and de-clenched my hands, it didn’t disappoint.


We stopped off during the trip for a brief beverage stop. We were so lucky to have such a gorgeous day! My friend remarked that she felt like she was on proper holiday, you know the first day of a week long break. Alas, not true in our case, but an incredible day nonetheless. Between the sunshine, the company & the caribbean bar we wandered into, I think it was a fabulous end, really concreting our day.

We made our return journey, and decided to have a bite to eat while watching the sun go down as people completed the Walk over the o2 Dome. I think that’s one of our next adventures…

The Cable Car details can be found of the Transport For London website. It’s very cheap (you can also pay a reduced amount using your Oyster card) and is being touted as a new method of transport for commuters (part of the London Olympics Games Legacy). To be honest, while I’m sure it can be really handy, I’m not sure if I could handle it being broken down, hanging 300feet over the Thames, in the nature of the fairly unreliable Underground.

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