We are taking over London, it’s official.

Well, kind of.

This morning I managed, and I’m not sure how (leaving cat and hubby snoozing,) to get up at 5am and travel to Heathrow to meet my cousin off her plane from New Zealand.

I have to say she was amazingly chipper, happily chattering all the way home so we wandered to our High Street to organise a SIM for her phone.

Whilst we were walking, it’s fantastic to reflect on the excitement of being new in London. Remembering the excitement about iconic double decker busses, black taxis, and the new-ness of the British Pound is refreshing. And hilarious.

I left her in the company of the cat, just as her eyelids were starting to droop.

The extent of our evening plans. It was lovely.

Did I mention she bought goodies with her?

Todays Workout: Walking the corridors of Heathrow in the pre-dawn air. Ripping open the Chocolate. Yawning at my desk.

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