Foodie-In-Training: Figs

It’s funny. For the last six months, we’ve been really focussed on changing the way that we eat and live our lives. We’ve lost a fair amount of weight on a calorie-counting programme, and it’s interesting because the relationship we have with food has totally changed. Whilst still enjoying all of the treats available, it’s no longer imperative to over indulge. Understanding the calorie values that everything is worth really changes the way you view treats. I still enjoy everything I like on a regular basis – nothing is off limits because I’m of the mindset that as soon as you make it off limits, you crave it and go overboard – but we are also taking more pleasure in the simple acts of cooking, preparing and trying new things.

Gaining weight while on holidays/changing where you live seems to be a fairly widespread problem – beautifully put by this article “Whether it’s the dreaded ‘Heathrow injection’ or simple overindulgence, the fact is that many antipodean travellers return home carrying unwanted extra baggage.”

But my our new improved outlook is introducing us to lovely new things. Take Figs for example. We never would have considered them, and now we’re trying them. I like fig biscuits, and thought raw figs may have a trace of that flavour.



Yum. After very googling very intensive research, we decided grilling the figs with a smidgeon of Honey, and serving them with light cream cheese and waffles would be the way to go. They took about 5 minutes to make, the (pre-made) waffles popped in the Toaster, and fork at the ready.

Delicious – and one of our five a day, containing all sorts of vitamins & nutrients. Who’d of thunk it?

Have you tried figs? What is your favourite cooked fruit?

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