Kiwi Care Package

It’s funny the things that you take for granted when you live in your home country, that become more sought after once they aren’t within a 10-minute walk to the nearest supermarket. I have quite a sweet tooth anyway, but sometimes there is a longing in my eye for the tastes of home that are a struggle to get, or are eye-wateringly expensive.

Take for instance the humble Squiggle. One of my childhood favourites, there isn’t quite any replacement capable of giving you the same hokey-pokey induced sugar coma.

TimTams, even though mentioning these Australian biscuits make me feel a little like I’m betraying my Kiwi roots, are another such item. Hubby staunchly defends P-P-P-Penguins, and although they are ok in a pinch, they don’t quite measure up to lovely Timtams. In the name of research, extensive blind taste-testing has been done by NZ based Kiwis, UK based English people, and a few random friends, and Timtams come out on top 8/10 times. Fact.

Just recently I have been lucky enough to recieve goodies from the fair Kiwi shores, and I’m happy to confirm that since I was last home, they haven’t let the quality slip, thankfully.

My cousin who has recently come to the UK is missing proper Vegemite -the UKs version “is weird tasting and the texture of honey, just not proper tasting.”

I have to admit the UK does a mean biscuit – Jaffa Cakes, Viennese fingers and Chocolate Fingers to name but a few, but sometimes there just isn’t anything like a taste of home.

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