Letter to my future self – 10 years

One of my more random 101 in 1001 goals (bar dancing in the rain and sleeping in the treetops) was to write a letter to myself, to be opened in 10 years time. It’s a really interesting thing to do – it really made me think about where I want my life to go. It’s aslo a trange feeling to contemplate where I am now – married, living on the other side of the globe and up to general mischief around London.
I wanted to be an achitect working on the conservation of buildings; but with wanderlust hitting me hard, after a year of working like a fiend off I trotted to pastures foreign and I love it.

The question I get asked the most when I tell people that I’m from New Zealand is if I miss it. New Zealand itself, yes and no but my family absolutely yes. but, with the advent of video calling, NZ is just a click of a mouse away. The lovely thing is because I live so far away it seems almost more important to have that contact regularily, and I think that we probably talk more than a lot of families living in the same town.

So 1st September 2022, who and where am I going to be? Rather randomly, we met up with a really good friend today, turning 48 soon, and he said in the course of our conversation “I think that by the time you are 25 your personality is pretty well set. The only thing that changes is your body begins to fail.”


Have you ever made 10 year plans/goals?

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