One of the things I love the most about London-town is the sheer opportunities that present themselves to you – growing up, as a family we have always loved musicals. I grew up on a diet of Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, South Pacific… which has fed my love and obsession with Musicals in the West End – we’ve been to Phantom, Les Miserables, Jersey boys (an amazing jem) dreamboats and petticoats (a bit meh) and loads of others (including Terry Pratchetts’ Mort :))

We have also always loved Jesus Christ Superstar. We aren’t religious family at all, and bar the religious overtone to it, adored the music. It’s such a powerful score. When it was announced that Andrew Lloyd-Webber was going to launch Jesus Christ Superstar, I actually booked tickets the day that they were released.

It was amazing. Tim Minchin absoloutely stole the show, Mel C did really well (with a few OTT breathy phrases), Chris Moyles did a great job too. Bar the sound being a little bit loud, I loved the modern setting of the show, setting it in a modern world of rioting and social media.

There are much better reviews but we really enjoyed it. At the end of the day, the incredible music shone through and the voices of the performers were the real star of the night. We didn’t realise that we were at the premier night of the Arena tour until Sir Lloyd-Webber came onto the stage after the actors took their bows and told us “I have waited 42 years for this to happen. 42 years for our work to be shown in a Rock venue”.

Excuse the bad image – I was rather excited and camera-less.

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