One with ones self

Today I found myself an moment of peace amongst the noise, interaction, sights and smells of the Tourists in and around London. As a very happily married gal, it felt quite strange today to split off in town and wander our separate ways (hubby was off to do some secret shopping for my upcoming birthday) and I ended up wandering through Charing Cross and the Strand. Being on my own for the hour or so got me musing.

Life gets so busy, music, tv, computers – we can become so overloaded with so much stimulation and demand, that it becomes the norm and it’s hard to see it creeping in.

Its nice to wander on your own occasionally “as lonely as a cloud” amongst happily chattering tourists, contemplating life, just having a quiet moment. It was also a gloriously sunny day, we are certainly having a late summer!

Coincidently we were discussing the same thing last night with family whose boys are growing up and are beginning to be left at home on thier own for short periods. The boys love it – they feel independant and can have a moment of blissful quiet.

I think really we should all take these brief moments, and treasure them. I couldn’t do it all the time, and afterwards very happily met up with hubby, and then friends for a lovely catch-up drink and joined in the hubbub.

Todays Workout: 30mins wandering

When do you find your peaceful moments?

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