Posh Afternoon Tea

Saturday was lovely. Champagne, tea, dainty treats and a lot of laughter (excuse the blurry photos, I didn’t want to get my camera out as I felt enough of a berk with my phone on the table…)

Afternoon tea was a last minute decision, and as they go, sometimes they can be the very best. My mum and I have been saying for a long time that we should treat indulge ourselves. Through a series of tough eliminations (read: a quick read through website listings) we decided on the Reform Social Bar & Grill, in Marylebone Village.

The “50 Shades of Earl Grey” cocktail we were greeted with consisted of an Earl Grey tea infused bitters and sloe gin topped up with Champagne and elderflower. Oh my. Subtle, sweet and lucious.

We then picked Tea from the large range of loose leaf teas – Mum ordered the Whole Rose Buds Tea, and I opted for the Black Vanilla. Thankfully this was the hardest portion of the evening – deciding which Tea you had to leave off trying.

So, armed with individual pots of tea, our slowly disappearing cocktails and very refreshing champagne, we settled in for the afternoon, nattering and catching up. A really lovely Mother/Daughter afternoon – still buzzing about the musical we went to last night.

You are offered two menus – the Vintage Afternoon Tea Menu, and a Gentlemans Afternoon Tea Menu. As we are ladies of a delicate sensibility (and didn’t fancy the idea of the hanger steak & Herefordshire snails sandwich which comes with the Gentlemans’s Afternoon Tea) we picked the Vintage Afternoon Tea. Quite simply delish. After a wee delay much to our servers dismay and apologies (honestly we didn’t mind as we had unlimited Champagne with our Afternoon Tea deal) came out the following lovelies.

Favourites you ask? The Salmon Sandwiches on Pink bread were scrummy and not just because they were on pink bread, the quintessential Cucumber sandwiches and the scones. Just delicious – so simple and presented so sweetly, what more could you want? Mum loved the Battenburgs, the wee Apple Pastry & the Scones.

We also made a couple of new friends – two lovely ladies whom I will definately remain in contact with. We ended up chatting so much, we scooted our tables together in order to speak – the only complaint I have about the restaurant was about halfway through our afternoon tea, the music was turned ona wee bit loudly – and you know ladies, we like to chat but we struggled to hear each other a bit.

I simply wanted to share what an awesome time we had, two Kiwi lasses on the lash in fashionable Marylebone. We had a lovely time. Great staff – attentive, friendly but not hovering, delicious food, flowing champagne and lovely surroundings. I will definately be back.

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