Random Wanderings

A pretty relaxed day (see exhibit A – I was pinned down by her) after our shopping marathon yesterday, we did the usual commuter chores then met up with a friend for an hours power walk near where she lives.

Living in London does have it’s unglamourous side too! Sadly, the alarm bell still goes off even in peoples 14th Century Manor homes – not mine sadly – yet!

It’s great to feel the changes that 6month of working out the gym have taken. We did the self same walk 6 months ago and we had to have a couple of breaks in the middle. This time, it took so much less time,  I think we were walking a lot faster, and I even suggested we power up a nearby hill in order to ‘have a blast of heart rate’. Boggles the mind. Either it’s the excercising, or the Ziplining we did the other week has removed my sense of fear.

Todays Workout: An hour + 10mins power walking.

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