This week has been preeetty boring

I’ve got to say Day Time TV is the best medicine for being ill. It’s the pits. You want to get better just to get back to work. As I’ve been stuck at home for most of the week with a throat bug, this week has been fairly lame, but very cosy with the Cat loving a warm lap that’s keeping her company.

Lovely store-made Chicken Soup, heated with lots of love by my lovely hubby. Not sure why I bothered asking for bread though – it was like eating gravel.

No concept of gravity whatsoever…

There have been a few lovely suprises though – my Foodie PenPals’s package being one of them – luckily delivered one of the days I was at home. And my Foodie PenPal agrees that Chocolate Pop-Tarts ARE Medicine. As long as two of us agree, that’s enough to be a medical opinion, right?

YesterdaysWorkout: Getting out of bed. Today, prancing to a musical. Yeah baby!

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