Birthday Spoils

As I passed another birthday milstone, I find myself being spoilt like crazy. I have had the loveliest birthday celebration days (5 in total!); full of laughter, warmth, goodies, naked chefs(!?) and everything I love.

It can be hard in London, meeting great people in such a large busy place can be difficult, so I’m lucky to be surrounded by some of the best.

From Birthday hugs and dances,

Hazlenut Truffles,

8 hour brunches,

Krispy Kreme Guilt & Social salads

Birthday Cakes,

Scrumptious Hampers to explore,

to Champagne Truffles,

two Hairy Chefs getting a bit naked,

to Sunday Roast toasting with Blackberry Gin Nectar (I’m serious, this is delicious).

Thank you, I really haven’t deserved the love. It’s been my absoloute favourite birthday. 6 days of festivities next year is the goal – that’s more than the Queen I’m sure!

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