The Little Book of London – Reading Recommendation

The ultimate Loo Book – chock full of halarious and downright random facts of London. It’s really mean to be a dip in and out of book, but I must admit that I read it in 3 sessions – from the comfort of my couch.

The Little Book of London David Long

Including the reason that policemen are called “Coppers and the Old Bill” and that Members of Parliament are still forbidden to attend the House wearing a full suit of armour. One thing I’ve always wanted to do though, is excercise my entitlement to drive sheep across London’s bridges – this was done as recently at 1999 where a 60-year-old man did so, and was stopped by the police who investigated and then let him continue.

The illustrations are great as well – get this, it’s seriously funny.

And yes, I finally gave into hubby’s cry of “Get an e-reader to save the rainforests!” It’s not bad, really handy especially for commuting; but I still prefer books. In fact I bought a couple the other day that weren’t available on my e-reader. Ahhhh, paper.

Perfect for Anglophiles, Anoraks and Antipodeans. It’s light-reading, it’s full of 100s of facts and the awesome fact that Prince Charles once wrote a “Guide to chatting up girls”.

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