Goodmans Review. Truly Scrumptious.

This Steak restaurant was a dream. It was scrumptious. Absoloutely delicious. My mouth is already watering.

I did drop a clanger, announcing two days before (bearing in mind that the table was booked about a month before) saying that I didn’t like Steak. The looks on their faces? Priceless. The fact that they believed me? Incredibly funny.

Photos nicked from the Goodmans website

(I meant to take photos but managed to leave my phone/camera behind twice. I guess it wasn’t meant to be!)

After a pre-dinner aperitif in Mayfair (to a background of remixed ‘Sound of Music’ club music) and a wee wander around Mayfair (read a bit lost), we were seated with a minimum of fuss. We chose to skip the starters, and go to straight to the main event, the steaks. The wait staff  come to your table before you order, and present a platter with a selection of the cuts of the day, and explain the textures and chef recommendations to us.


Photos nicked from the Goodmans website

 Our Night’s Chosen Delights

350g Angus Beef Marbled Sirloin

(The rest of the table had various cuts)

and we decided to share amongst the table;

Truffle Oil & Normal Chips

Velvet Mash

Garlic Mushrooms

Spinach with creamed Blue Cheese

Honeyed Carrots


The Steak was like butter – meaty, soft succulent butter, the chips crisp, truffley and nutter, the mash soft and creamy, the Spinach moreish and the winner of the night – honeyed carrots.


Other choices on the menu – half Lobster with garlic butter, Roast Chicken Risotto, Lobster Mac & Cheese…

But, the piece de resistance – a chorus of Happy Bithday, accompanying a lit candle atop Chocolate Mousse. The Happy Birthday from my lovely work lot, got me a bit goopy, and the Mousse made me melt. Due to the sheer stuffed feeling from dinner, I shared it, but can confirm it’s scrumptious. Layers of Milk Chocolate Ganache, Creamy White Chocolate Mousse, Milk Chocolate Mousse, and a sponge base. It was lovely. The layers made it really like and the textures making a beautiful mouthful, but not too sinfully rich. *photo to follow hopefully*

Did I mention the cheeky Kiwi wines?

Goodmans biggest rival is the Hawksmoor. Also soon to be investigated. I will let you know the results. – oh the things I do for the blog!

How do you enjoy your Steak? Burnt? Mooing? Of the Poultry variety?

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