London Living: Ghost Tours

There is macbre side to any City & Town, and London, due to the size and importance, is no exception to this. We love the chance to explore London in new and unusual ways, so when a good friend of mine was given a birthday present of Ghost Bus Tours, we thought it’d be a scream to join her (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

So yesterday, on a verrry wet Saturday evening we lined up in the pouring rain to board the ‘Ghost Bus’. It was halarious.


With a loop starting near Trafalar Circus, taking in St Pauls, and Southwark; it was the funniest, ahem, scariest bus tour I’ve ever taken.


“The Necropolis Bus Company began in the 19th century as a private funeral bus service. The Necropolis vehicles or ‘Carcass Coaches’ as they were known to Londoners were able to convey the deceased, pall bearers and up to 50 mourners (no standing) to the final resting place. Each bus had an onboard conductor/chief mourner and a special siren or ‘mourning whistle’ to warn pedestrians of the bus’s approach. The sound of the whistle prompted gentlemen to remove their hats and bow their heads as a mark of passing respect.”

They give a really interesting gory history of the London sights & sounds along the 1hr and 15minute route, accompanied by a the conductor & guest, with a host of sounds, video effects and spooky goings on.

It is really funny, the actors certainly give it their all. We weren’t very scared but boy we laughed. Certainly worth going once, and seeing an alternative history of London. We are thinking to do a few of the haunted walking tours as well.

London is just so interesting!


We weren’t comped in anyway for this, but enjoyed it. Check out The Ghost Bus Tours for further information.

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